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Feature book: Under Shadow of Doubt

11 October 2017

Under Shadow of Doubt by Juanita Kees

Peta Johnson has made a very public life for herself. She has also made many mistakes in her life. Marrying the man who became a monster is just one of them. Her ex-husband has kidnapped her daughter and wants the money as he has been associated with Bikie groups. Peta just wants her daughter. She returns to her hometown for a charity benefit but the reality is that her ex has her daughter somewhere in the area.

Her brother is helping her to track her ex-husband and also running protection for her. Accidently, Peta runs into her first love. Jaime has returned home from a stint in the defence forces fighting overseas. He has returned to run the family business. He meets with Peta and the old feelings bubble to the top. Peta needs to keep her distance from Jaime as Paul, Peta’s ex, despises him.

Paul leads them on what might be considered a wild chase as he puts in his demands. Bella is finally recovered and Peta, Bella and Jaime are in protection until the Bikie group are contained. While this is happening, Peta and Jaime try to sort through their feelings for each other but Peta also needs to tell Jaime that he is a father. When they decide to be together, Peta and Jaime need to pacify their families as their parents were hell-bent on separating them and maintaining that distance.

The story is a little predictable but it was a good read. There was suspense as to whether Peta may get her daughter back but as with all good romances, we know that will happen. The twists and turns add to the tension but I found it interesting as to how the story did develop and how the couple do get back together.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

  1. lynette williams permalink
    11 October 2017 10:59 am

    ! have the 3 books in this series “under shadow doubt”–“Under cover of dark” and “under the hood and have just started reading book 1 as I have enjoyed all the books written by Juanita —-LynW

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