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Tribal Law

Tribal Law cover_200In June 2014 Shannon Curtis approached ARRA with a novel idea. She wanted to write a short story and donate it to ARRA to publish.

She got together with a group of readers in July to brainstorm ideas for a story. She then set out to write a story, including as many of those ideas as she could.

The end result was a full-length novel called Tribal Law. You can read more about Tribal Law here.

Tribal Law was launched at ARRC2015 in March 2015.

It is available in ebook format from:

Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Amazon UK | Smashwords | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

and in print format from:

BooktopiaAmazon | CreateSpace


BREAKING NEWS: The series has also been picked up by Harlequin Nocturne, so there will be more stories featuring the characters from Tribal Law! Look for Lycan Unleashed in August 2016 and Warrior Untamed in December 2016.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Tribal Law has been nominated for a RUBY award!


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