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Release day: Have Your Cake

4 April 2020

Today is the official release of Have Your Cake by Elise K Ackers (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Can she have it all? Or will starting over leave a bad taste in her mouth?

Abigail Mullins is in the business of happy ever afters. Owner of a London boutique cake shop, she caters to brides wishing to express themselves in unusual ways, and relishes her small, creative life.

That quiet life is disturbed when intriguing, albeit lonely, socialite Dillon Wheeler literally crashes into her life, and one of her clever cake concepts becomes an overnight sensation. Now the media is asking questions about the woman behind the cake.

Not only does this new-found popularity threaten the anonymous life she’s created, but it brings in a customer who might otherwise never have found her. A customer from Abigail’s life before London, who knows what Abigail did to escape it, and who could ruin everything.

For who’s going to trust her with their happy ever after once they know what she did to sabotage her own?

A compelling contemporary romance that touches on issues of domestic violence and substance abuse, Have Your Cake is about a woman’s self-reinvention, determination against all odds, and ultimately, her way back in to love.

Elise dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

If you’re a fan of delectable, Instagram-worthy cake creations, off-the-wall restaurants and urban treasure hunts, this book is going to feel like a sugar-infused holiday without the long-haul flight. But Have Your Cake, like all good occasion cakes, has layers. Elements of alcohol abuse, and domestic violence challenge Abigail’s new and improved reputation, and characters from her past threaten the future of a fledgling relationship. I loved exploring London within this book; the rainbow colours of Neal’s Yard, the Seven Noses of Soho … In some ways this book has become an itinerary for my next visit to The Big Smoke. I hope you enjoy reading Have Your Cake as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m so excited this story is out in the world from today, after being just in my head for so long.

You can find out more about this book at Elise’s website or buy it from Amazon.

Publisher pitch: Tule Publishing, Apr 2020

3 April 2020

Tule PublishingTule Publishing brings you the best in commercial fiction, from romance to chick-lit to compelling women’s fiction. Whether you’re in the mood for sexy or sweet, Tule brings you fresh, modern and exciting plots and beloved classic romance.

Tule has over 130 authors who have unique styles, terrific voices, and have helped us grow to house over 600 titles, and garner 13 RITA® nominations and one win in five years.

We love our readers and acclaimed authors! Visit us at or subscribe to our newsletter here.

This April, enjoy Tule Publishing’s newest releases from our Montana Born, American Heart, Texas Born, Muse and Tule Mystery imprints:

  • Montana Cowboy Romance by Jane Porter
  • Greedy Heart by AP Murray
  • Her Secret Cowboy by Debra Holt
  • Sweet Texas Charm by Robyn Neeley
  • A Case for the Yarn Maker by Candace Havens
  • The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain by Susan Lute
  • Betting on the Bull Rider by Kaylie Newell
  • One-of-a-Kind Bride by Charlene Sands
  • The Norse Conqueror by Leigh Ann Edwards
  • More Than a Cowboy by Sarah Mayberry


Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Apr 2020

2 April 2020

We at Totally Bound Publishing send warm wishes and hope you are all staying safe and healthy. A lot of people will be stuck at home over the coming weeks and we as an industry have the ability to spread a bit of joy to people who love our fiction. So, we’d like to make some books free and discounted at all of the retail sites and share some love with you, our customers—check out the Special Offers tab on the Totally Bound site.

This month we have paranormal-a-plenty, a sexy sports romance and a hotter-than-hot corporate espionage thriller. We also continue to release some of our favourite series as box sets—find them here.

Here’s what’s coming up in April …

7 April

Resisting the Wicked by Wendi Zwaduk (The Refuge #2). This intriguing fae and vampire series continues with the story of Sabra, a fae running from the vampires and Alyx, a fae searching for Sabra, the one destined for him.

14 April

Impervious by Zoe Allison. She’s a vampire assassin. He’s a vampire. But she can only hurt those who are ill-intentioned toward her. They are on a case together and fall in love, despite her belief that she can’t feel love.

21 April

Caught by her Alphas by Jayce Carter (The Omega’s Alphas #5). The fifth instalment in this popular series sees Farrah returning to three Alphas to ask for their help … in finding the son they never knew about. Can these Alphas finally catch their woman, and build a family of their own?

Winning Her by Amber Malloy (Perfect Stats #1). When the guy lets his perfect and sexy chef ex-wife get away, luring her back in the face of his failing career, his wacky home life and her penchant for driving him crazy on every level makes a perfect recipe for madness. This is a multicultural, sports-themed tale of enemies to lovers, comedic and dramatic family mayhem and lost love rediscovered.

28 April

Wicked Disclosure by Angela Addams (Wicked Distractions #1). CEO of an escort service, Sabine meets Trent when he attempts to handle a delicate situation involving his company’s recently deceased CFO. Their red-hot romance must navigate a leaked sex tape, death threats and company secrets.

Release day: Monstrous Heart

1 April 2020

Today is the official release of Monstrous Heart by Claire McKenna (ebook, paperback and hardback, Harper Collins Australia). Here’s the blurb:

Monstrous Heart is a nautical gothic fantasy, a cold-climate mystery set amongst decaying lighthouses, sea-monsters and mystical islands to where cursed lovers have fled…

If you pierce a man’s skin in the great portside city of Clay-Lyonne, all they’ll do is bleed. But the blood of an ignis sanguis can maintain fire—a necessary talent for those signallers and light-keepers in a seafarer’s realm measured by unforgiving ocean and hard tide.

However, Arden Beacon—disgraced, dim-blooded daughter of a fading Ignis family—came into her talent late, and weak. Her last chance at redeeming her genetic misfortunes will only be in duty: tending a remote lighthouse in the wild south country of Fiction. But her only neighbour upon her lonely promontory is the reviled Jonah Riven, a monster caller, hunter and murderer.

Arden has been sent to live on the same promontory as a killer, and it appears, not by accident.

To recover her family’s honour and earn a legitimate future for herself, Arden must survive a season on the edge of the world, in the company of a man she feels dangerously, passionately drawn to, and upon an ocean where the blood of an ignis sanguis is both currency and curse.

Claire dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

This is my re-imagining of an emotionally complex modern fantasy meeting a classic gothic romance, with a dash of dark mystery swirled in. Like my absolutely favourite love stories, I wanted to write about people wounded by former love and loss, but still able to find one another despite everything a fantastical, and magically brutal world inflicts upon them. I’ve always loved fantasy and science fiction, and especially invested with characters who strove and suffered, yet in the end found solace and redemption and love. Fantasy is such a great genre to explore the ‘hugeness and muchness’ of romance against backdrops of epic political and environmental turmoil, and I hope you will enjoy it too!

You can find out more about this book at Claire’s website or buy it from Amazon.

Feature book: Cinderella’s Scandalous Secret

1 April 2020

Cinderella’s Scandalous Secret by Melanie Milburne

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 1 Oct 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern
Format: ebook and print
Length: 192 pages
RRP: $4.99 (ebook); $7.99 (print)

Both Isla and Rafe have secrets in their past and have given the appearance that each had a loving childhood. That reality was very different.

Isla McBain is doing some casual work cleaning in a hotel for her friend, Layla. On her last room, she finds the occupant, and she knows him. She is pregnant to him. Isla and Rafe Angeliri had a fling, she became pregnant and left. Rafe couldn’t understand why but is determined to find the answers.

Rafe takes her back to his Italian home as he is determined that his child will not be illegitimate, like he was. Isla doesn’t want to bring shame on Rafe for her past indiscretion. Both try to sort through their issues, and as their fears and secrets are shared, they realise the secrets were doing more harm to their relationship than good. But when Isla’s secret may have an impact on Rafe’s business and standing in the business world, she leaves again. This time she has some supporters who were previously adversaries, that convince Rafe that he needs Isla.

I have read many books by Ms Milburne, and this to me had a different tone, one that I really liked. I liked this Italian male. He was the ‘new age’ guy, not needing to put pressure on the woman he loves but is willing to wait and communicate. Okay so there was still the male elements like actions speaking louder than words ‘I’m doing it this way because I love you even if I can’t say the words’ type actions.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

Publisher pitch: Escape Publishing, Apr 2020

31 March 2020

Escape logo_200x150

April is fast approaching and the world seems to be going a little crazy. But as us booklovers know, a couple of weeks of isolation is just the perfect opportunity to get through that to-be-read pile. Why not add the below romances from some well-loved Australian authors to your list?

As always, we’d love to know what you think. Check in with us in all the usual places! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on our website.

Happy reading!

The Escape Team

Here’s what we have coming up in April …

Releasing 4 April

Have Your Cake by Elise K Ackers (contemporary romance). Touching on issues of domestic violence and substance abuse, Have Your Cake is a contemporary romance about one woman’s self-reinvention, determination against all odds and, ultimately, her way back to love. Can she have it all? Or will starting over leave a bad taste in her mouth?

Releasing 12 April

Seduced by the Billionaire by Alyssa J Montgomery (billionaire romance). An enemies-to-lovers story about second chances and risking it all for love, with two great leading characters. Sarah: Of all the people to be here, why does it have to be him? As if this isn’t hard enough for me already. Nick: She might make my heart race, but there’s something about Sarah Bryant that I just can’t trust. She’s hiding something, and I’m going to uncover the truth.

Release day: Pivot

31 March 2020

Today is the official release of Pivot by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti (ebook and paperback, Zebra). Here’s the blurb:

In Pivot, three friends, each survivors of a brutal childhood, grew up together in foster care.

Now as women, they’re fighting for their lives again.

When Meriwether Jones and her young daughter run from trouble in L.A., that trouble follows. By the time Meri reaches Spokane, she’s out of gas, money, and ideas. Her prayers are answered when ex-cop Ian Brodie hires her to help his aging father. But Meri is keeping a dangerous secret—-and Ian is in danger of losing his heart.

Melanie Cassidy finds trouble when she tries to save a young boy from being kidnapped. The last thing she expects is former love-of-her-life, Detective Gray Hawkins, to appear and rescue them both. But her good-Samaritan efforts pull her and Gray into a conspiracy of drug dealers and dirty cops –and forces them to examine the relationship they’d once abandoned.

Michelle Peach is one of Meri’s closet friends. She’s finally content in Portland—-until two rough men break into her home and threaten her life. The last person Michelle wants to see is Evan Boldon, a former Marine turned sheriff. But this time Evan is going to stop the trouble stalking Michelle-—and win her heart for good.

Kat dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

My upcoming release, Pivot, began as a novella that I wrote sometime back to introduce my BOSS Inc. series. Ian Brodie was the owner of the security firm, a tall, good-looking blond man, one of the Brodie cousins. The novella was Against the Heart, a romantic suspense set in a rural area of Spokane, Washington. A year ago, Alicia Condon, my editor at Kensington, came to me with an idea for a collaborative novel that would include novellas by two other authors. Their stories would revolve around Ian Brodie and Meriwether Jones, the hero and heroine of Against the Heart. The idea intrigued me and we decided to go forward. Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti, both bestselling authors of romantic suspense, came on board and started writing, taking sub characters from Ian and Meri’s story, telling their own stories, and giving us a glimpse of Ian and Meri’s life going forward. In Pivot, Alexandra and Rebecca started with the premise that the three girls involved in the stories shared brutal childhoods and grew up together in foster care.

You can find out more about this book at Kat’s website or buy it from Amazon.