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Publisher pitch: Tule Publishing, Sep 2020

3 September 2020

Tule PublishingTule Publishing brings you the best in commercial fiction, from romance to chick-lit to compelling women’s fiction. Whether you’re in the mood for sexy or sweet, Tule brings you fresh, modern and exciting plots and beloved classic romance.

Tule has over 130 authors who have unique styles, terrific voices, and have helped us grow to house over 600 titles, and garner 13 RITA® nominations and one win in five years.

We love our readers and acclaimed authors! Visit us at or subscribe to our newsletter here.

This September, enjoy Tule Publishing’s newest releases from our American Heart, Holiday, Montana Born, Muse and Texas Born imprints:

  • Matched by Paris Wynters
  • A Nanny Called Alice by Barbara Hannay
  • A Cowboy’s Proposal by CJ Carmichael
  • Falling in Puppy Love by Kelsey McKnight and Sarah Fischer
  • It’s Work by Nikki Prince
  • The Slide into Ruin by Bronwyn Stuart
  • Pumpkin Patch Sweethearts by Sasha Summers
  • All the Stars in Montana by Debra Salonen
  • Falling for Her by Laurie LeClair
  • Cowboy Tough by Michelle Beattie
  • To Marry a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson



Feature book: Fool Me Once

2 September 2020

Fool Me Once by Karly Lane

Subgenre: rural romance
Release date: 28 Apr 2020
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Format: ebook and print
Length: 232 pages
RRP: $14.24 (ebook); $29.99 (print)

Georgie Henderson’s entire life is nurtured by her love of country, and farming. She knows it back the front, she’s good at it, she’s got the university credentials to carry her on to even better techniques, and her heart is totally in the New England region of New South Wales where she’s spent her entire life (bar her university studies).

However, her beloved family farm, Tamban, was sold off while she was at university. Her father lost all heart after her mother died and drank himself and the farm into an early ruin. Georgie was shocked to visit from university and discover he was financially forced to sell the farm out from under her feet. He’d been hiding the truth from her for years.

It was always her plan to study and return to help her father with Tamban. She was happy to shoulder the burdens for her unhappy father, work hard and live out her heart’s dream where she’d grown up. Tamban was where all her happy memories were, apart from the last few grim years when her father hit the bottle. Tamban was home, her home, and her future.

Suddenly, Tamban was gone and her dreams and her life were in ashes.

These days Georgie manages a cattle property fairly close to Tamban. It’s painful for her to be so near yet so far from her previous life, but she manages the property spectacularly well, full of ideas for the future. Even though life is poignant with the what-might-have-beens, she’s forging ahead. Her love of the land is palpable here, brought to wonderful life by Karly Lane. There are so many great moments when Georgie pauses to drink in the lovely country splendour, even if she is caked in dust and sweat. It is all magic to her and makes it seem magical to us as readers.

In a rare night out, Georgie and her best friend go to a B&S (Bachelor & Spinsters) Ball. Now readers, do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe that you can look across a crowded, rowdy, drunken room and spot the love of your life? Georgie is dubious, but oh my goodness, that’s exactly what happens when she and Michael Delacourt spot each other at the ball.

Theirs is a wow of a romance! Totally whirlwind, sweep-you-off-your-feet type of romance, which—in a surprise move—lasts beyond that wild weekend. Michael is surprisingly persistent in wanting to keep their romance going, much to Georgie’s delight.

But how can a long distance romance work? She will never leave the farm—and he works in Brisbane. She has life plans to work hard and eventually buy her beloved Tamban back. She can’t see herself moving to Brisbane, and Michael’s business seems too busy and demanding for him to move to the country.

And yet. And yet. He keeps turning up to see her, and quite frankly, Georgie is swept off her feet, so in love. Michael really seems too good to be true.

Then comes a shock revelation about him that changes the whole ball game for Georgie. It totally turns her world on its head, and her life is shattered.

And yet. And yet. He keeps turning up to see her …

How these two walk on their very rocky road to romance makes great reading. Karly Lane also delivers on her love of everything rural. It shines through this fabulous book and makes us city gals so thankful for those on the land. Bravo!

reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

Feature book: Shadows of Red Earth

2 September 2020

Shadows of Red Earth by Suzanne Cass

Series: Colours of the Earth #3
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 15 Apr 2019
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 266 pages
RRP: $3.99 (ebook); $29.47 (print)

I came into the series not realising there are two books before this one, but it stood on its own merits.

Our heroine, Rose, feels suffocated at home and does not believe that her mother’s claustrophobic love is necessary to protect her from some man who is supposed to be a threat to her. So, she runs away.

She hitches a ride with our hero who is already in trouble and riding a stolen motorcycle but even that doesn’t go quite as cleanly as she’d like. He comes with a tonne of baggage and self-esteem issues that lead them to a bad place, fast. Oh … and Rose has a special gift that doesn’t work with Koen. This keeps things interesting along the way because it is a totally different situation for her to be in. So, she is a bit all at sea … has she trusted the wrong fellow?

He abandons her due to his own issues and Rose, quite rightly, feels pretty mad about that. You just know their paths will cross again … and soon, as things heat up for the fugitives. As there are bikers (of the not-so-nice kind) who are up for a bit of torture and mayhem led by Bull. When the threat her mother had always protected her from turns out to be true, Rose has a bit of an awakening and is lucky she has found Koen even if he doesn’t seem like hero material.

These two young people are taken on a twisty-turning adventure and you wonder will they manage to get away from Bull and get the happily ever after we are waiting for. Rose has a bit of growing up to do first, as does her beau. Enter Koen’s great family who help them find a safe place, loving him despite the screw-up he knows he is and eventually to their HEA, which was satisfying to read and quite a sweet ending.

reviewed by Sharon

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Sep 2020

1 September 2020

September is here, and brings with it a host of bad boys and romances to make your heart race. With new releases from some bestselling authors, there’s sure to be a book for you to fall in love with this month.

Don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released each week!

Find out more on our website.

Here’s what’s coming up in September …

1 September

Escape by Deana Birch (The Covington Heights Crew #1). Fiona is determined to get out of Covington Heights and make a life for herself and her baby sister somewhere safe, but life in Covington isn’t so simple. Can gang member Leo help to keep her safe, or is their fate unavoidable?

8 September

The Body Collector by Landra Graf (Bad Boys of Space #3). Al is a body collector, and illegal black marketing of body organs is his ticket to an early retirement—until he’s caught. Government investigator Loyda thinks Al can solve some deeper mysteries, but digging too deep into the conspiracy proves dangerous.

15 September

When Knight Falls by Nikki Rose. A slick and sexy friends-to-lovers romance. Rachel and Anthony have finally found their way back to each other, but Rachel’s ex—cartel leader Ian Knight—won’t let her go without a fight.

22 September

Third Time Lucky by Jayce Carter (Ready or Not #3). Will it be third time lucky for Jasmine and Finn? He’s let her get away twice, but when she moves back to town after an ugly divorce, the stars might finally be aligning. Can they get over their past, or will the third time end in heartbreak too?

29 September

An Irresistible Force by Rosanna Leo (Handymen #2). It’s another visit with the Handymen—this time, to an old cottage in tranquil Muskoka. Landscaper Eli is set to demolish the cottage, but Bernie isn’t having any of it—in fact, she’s handcuffed herself to the building. The two struggle to see eye to eye, but they can’t deny their attraction.

Publisher pitch: Escape Publishing, Sep 2020

31 August 2020

Escape logo_200x150

Historical romps, workplace romance, misbehaving royals, second chances, and bargain prices … That’s just a small taste of what’s in store this September with Escape.

As always, we’d love to know what you think. Check in with us in all the usual places! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on our website.

Happy reading!

The Escape Team

Here’s what we have coming up in September …

Releasing 4 September

The Artist’s Secret by Sonya Heaney (Australian historical romance). New South Wales, 1887. When city bloke Peter Rowe takes a job as a land manager on the thriving estate of Endmoor in the southern tablelands, the last thing he expects to find in the bush is a beautiful talented artist … who just happens to be his new employer’s sister. Elizabeth Farrer has become redundant in her own home after her brother’s recent marriage. But her plans to leave are upended with the arrival of Endmoor’s newest employee … there might just be a reason to stay right where she is. To catch up on more romance at Endmoor, check out Sonya’s last book, The Landowner’s Secret.

Releasing 27 July

A Royal Affair by Alyssa J Montgomery (contemporary royal romance). Four books for under $10? We promised you a bargain! Get all four books in Alyssa J Montgomery’s A Royal Affair series now in one handy boxset. The Defiant Princess: When choosing between the life she’s built and the duty she’s left behind—what’s a reluctant princess to do? The Irredeemable Prince: The ultimate royal bad boy is about to meet his match. The Formidable King: A chance meeting, a misunderstanding, and a second chance for a royal love affair. The Irresistible Royal: He’s everything a bad boy royal should be. He’s everything she doesn’t want. But he might be just what she needs.

Release day: In High Spirits

31 August 2020

Today is the official release of In High Spirits by Beth Prentice (A Dandelion Ponds Mystery, book 1) (ebook and paperback, self-published). Here’s the blurb:

How do you rest in peace when you’re stuck between two worlds?

Daisy Montgomery lived her best life. She was a good person, treated people well, was kind to animals and didn’t have any enemies. Or so she thought.

Then one night she was attacked by a force so powerful that it separated her body from her soul, and she found herself stuck somewhere between life and death. Unfortunately for Daisy being a spirit had its limitations, and it seemed unlike every other ghost she’d ever read about, she lacked the ability to walk through walls.

Luckily her little dog Albie led her to super sexy Charlie O’Sullivan, a man who can not only see her spirit and open doors for her, but he made her question everything she thought she knew about her life.

Was her fiancé really her soul mate who loved her more than her money?

Did her late father’s inheritance put a target on her back?

Did he bequeath her more than his money?

And what is the dark force that is shadowing her every move?

When her attacker kills again, she must use her newfound knowledge to discover who they are before her loved-one’s lives are irreversibly and tragically changed forever. With the help of Charlie and his merry band of spirit helpers, she followed the clues, leading her to a discovery that put her in a race against a murderer.

But can she solve the crime before the killer destroys everything she ever loved? Will she walk to the light and rest in peace? Or will she be stuck forever between the two worlds?

The secrets of Dandelion Ponds are so dangerous and treacherous that not even the dead can save them!

Beth dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

In High Spirits is a very different sub-genre for me and came about after I was invited to write a novella as part of a paranormal anthology. My first reaction was to say no thank you, but very quickly the character of Daisy came to me. I loved the idea that she could be stuck between two worlds, in a coma but her spirit able to roam like a ghost. However I needed to give her some limitations, and I thought that not being a full spirit as such, then she could easily lack the ability to walk through walls. Instead she needs to get around as if she were alive. At times it posed a few challenges, but it was so much fun creating her character that I quickly decided to turn the novella into a series.

You can find out more about this book at Beth’s website or buy it from Amazon.

Guest blogger: Krystina Powells

30 August 2020

Dreamy beach weddings, spectacular honeymoon destinations, breezy tropical getaways. I guess you’re conjuring up images of the Caribbean, right? If so, you’re right … they all happen in the Caribbean—a breathtaking backdrop for romance.

In ‘Rockaway’, Beres Hammond, a famous reggae performer from Jamaica, sings of the days ‘when love used to reign’. Are you feeling nostalgic, hopeful, or hopelessly in love? Whatever the choice, I believe that true love should always prevail.

The Caribbean is my life. I grew up in a rural area of St Croix, US Virgin Islands. Some may argue that all areas on an island may be considered ‘rural’, but on most islands, there is a bustling town (or two) with surrounding laid-back country-sides. Raising animals, climbing trees to pick the sweetest fruit in season (like mangoes or genips), working in the yard, hanging out with cousins, and exciting trips to the beach were all part of my life.

"Colorful mango" by seriousbri is licensed under CC BY 2.0; “Genip” by Filo gèn' is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The St Croix Vibe. Ripped away from Indian tribes that once inhabited it, the eighty-four-square-mile island endured seven flags staked into its soil—Spain, Holland, England, France, Knights of Malta, Denmark, and the United States of America. African slaves worked to enrich each nation that held the reins. In 1848, however, the slaves rebelled and emancipation followed.

A twenty-five-million-dollar price tag dangled on the Danish West Indies (St Croix, St Thomas and St John) and the United States acquired the islands from the Danes in 1917, mostly because it was a strategic military move. By travel, Point Udall, St Croix is the easternmost part of the United States of America. Now under the American flag, natives have the same rights as any US citizen (except voting for the president). The three islands are now called the US Virgin Islands or America’s Paradise.

Point Udall by Frederiksted St. Croix Cruise Ship Pier by

Arches of C’sted town by "Cooperstein_[8.16.13] St. Croix_128" by R.Cooperstein is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The 250-year Danish influence on these tiny islands is still so strong that even Danes are shocked to see the names of the towns and streets in their language, so far away from home. The capital of the US Virgin Islands, located in St Thomas, is Charlotte Amalie, named after the queen consort to King Christian V of Denmark-Norway. Signs for street names like Kongens Gade, Norre Gade, and Dronningens Gade will guide you as you walk through the streets of Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas where most of the names were never translated into English like they were on St Croix. The two towns on St Croix are Frederiksted and Christiansted, and the architecture screams Denmark.

History and storytelling is my passion. Mesmerised by colourful outdoor theatre performances and the antics of live storytellers, I was hooked at an early age. Listening to elderly family members, like my grandparents, and friends recount how life was in days gone by, inspire me to seize opportunities to ‘see’ a story unfold and tell it.

Trade Winds of the Heart is the first of many stories where I invite readers to travel with me beyond the beaches of the islands in the Caribbean.

‘A thoroughly enjoyable and heartwarming read! You will love the wonderful, often humorous glimpse into Crucian life, and come away more appreciative of the persistent challenges and troubles that exist today, even in paradise. Along the way, you will have the pleasure of meeting many colorful, memorable, and courageous characters!’—Editorial Review

So, what happens when Caribbean life becomes the setting for the ups and downs of falling in love? Suddenly, life on an island isn’t all sea, sun and sand. That is Kayla’s story. At twenty-four, she is finally manoeuvring her way through all of the bitter setbacks in her life, hoping to achieve her dreams. Just as Kayla is beginning to find focus, she meets Richard, an intriguing stranger who’s worlds apart from the life she knows.

Kayla and Richard have absolutely no reason to cross paths. Richard has moved from Davenport, Iowa, to the Caribbean expecting an uncomplicated life and has become a successful businessman with lots of friends in high places. All is going well with Richard until his heart lures him into the unknown, spinning him out of control.

Will this chance meeting stand in the way of Kayla’s moment of recognition and result in her losing what she’s worked so hard to regain?

Will Richard’s presumptions steer him away from the path of passion or will surrendering be exactly what’s needed to complete him?

St Croix, US Virgin Islands comes alive in Trade Winds of the Heart. It is a story that is as vibrant as the Caribbean itself and as unpredictable as the storms that torment its sandy shores. A fascinating multicultural, interracial love story of how two lives on clearly divergent paths eventually intersect.

Journey with Kayla and Richard as they navigate the turbulent twists and turns in life and steer their way through the prevailing cultural, racial, and socio-economic issues to discover true love.

Trade Winds of the Heart is available in print and Kindle Unlimited at Print at Barnes and Noble and BookShop.

Krystina Powells was born in St Croix, US Virgin Islands. She is a wife and mother of a very energetic little girl who has a vivid and inexhaustible imagination. Krystina’s longtime love of history and knack for storytelling along with her experiences in the Caribbean inspire her to take readers on a journey that goes far beyond the beaches and straight into the hearts and homes of the local people. Through her stories, readers will experience life, love, and laughter in the islands from a genuinely unique perspective. Krystina Powells playfully addresses issues that some may shy away from, while focusing on the often-forgotten jewels of the sea that many call ‘home’.

You can find Krystina here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Feature book: Seducing His Convenient Innocent

26 August 2020

Seducing His Convenient Innocent by Rachael Thomas

Subgenre: contemporary
Release date: 1 Mar 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Format: ebook and print
Length: 256 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $7.99 (print)

Lysandros Drakakis has lived the life of a playboy since the end of his disastrous engagement ten years ago. Then he met Rio Armstrong and she transformed him into a gentleman whose desire for her is threatening to overwhelm him. All he can think about is being with her even when she is using her talent as a classical pianist to entertain his business associates. He thinks his dreams are coming true when she asks to spend the entire night with him after attending a meeting with her conductor.

Rio is filled with happiness by her decision to be with Lysandros and is eager to join him. Her plans are thrown into disarray when her conductor sexually assaults her, and she is unable to face Lysandros. She breaks off their relationship and hopes he can move on while she struggles with her decisions. Six weeks after their breakup, her best friend and Lysandros’ sister, Xena is in a car accident. Her injuries include amnesia and when both rush to her side, she believes they are still together. Reluctantly Rio agrees to travel to the family’s island villa in Greece and pretend the relationship is still intact to help Xena recover.

As soon as Lysandros joins Rio, Xena and his mother, on the island, he proposes to Rio. With no other option, she agrees to marry him and reluctantly goes away with him for a romantic weekend on his yacht to celebrate. She asks him if he has considered what will happen when they break up but he insists that for now they should just concentrate on keeping Xena happy and relaxed by letting her plan their engagement party, so she can heal.

Wanting the best for her friend, Rio is forced to continue the charade and while Lysandros is a gentleman in private, the strong physical attraction between them makes it hard to keep her distance. Lysandros still wants Rio and is trying to find out why she ran away from him. Will the forced proximity bring them back together and allow them to open up to each other? If so, will the secrets that are buried in Xena’s memory cause another breakup?

It took me longer than usual to warm to this couple and at times, Xena, was in danger of overshadowing them. However, this is a good read and touches on some current issues.

reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

Feature book: Blackbird Rising

26 August 2020

Blackbird Rising by Keri Arthur

Series: The Witch King’s Crown
Subgenre: fantasy
Release date: 3 Feb 2020
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 339 pages
RRP: $6.99 (ebook); $29.40 (print)

What a great book to kick off a new trilogy.

I have always enjoyed Keri’s books but this one I could not put down and devoured it in one day (finally finishing at 3.30 am on a Sunday morning).

The Arthurian legend weaves its way through this book and there are a goodly number of strong characters here. The main three are Mo (kick*ss grandma), Luc (a knight) and Gwen (the heroine). How Keri builds worlds that are what we know, and yet we don’t, has always been well done and this book is no different.

Gwen and her family are the watchers and guardians of The Sword in the Stone (yep, that one) and renew the wards every year. Only this year, someone’s there when Gwen turns up and appears to be trying to retrieve the sword. It turns ugly pretty quick and we see just how awesome Gwen is.

Magic, demons, dark elves, mayhem and murder abound.

I don’t do spoilers—read the book for the nitty gritty—but Gwen, Mo and Luc (aided and abetted by others) are investigating murder and someone trying to get at that sword because … The Sword in the Stone … power. They just have to make sure it’s the right someone.

Gwen isn’t just doing what Luc says, and he’s a bit offended, given he’s one of the twelve knights of that Round Table, but he starts to realise she’s pretty amazing.

There’s a bit of the grisly going on with demons and dark elves coming through magic gates previously locked and killing people and stealing stuff. Even someone who appeared to be a friend ends up doing awful murder. There are lovely moments of friendship, familial love, desire, and humour.

I cannot wait for the next book. If you’ve never read Keri Arthur, starting here will make you rush back and read the other series (Riley Jensen comes to mind).

If you’ve read her books before, you’re in for another treat. Is it November yet?

reviewed by Sharon

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

Release day: How to Catch a Sinful Marquess

25 August 2020

Today is the official release of How to Catch a Sinful Marquess by Amy Rose Bennett (The Disreputable Debutantes, book 3) (paperback, ebook and audio, Berkley Romance). Here’s the blurb:

A reserved debutante and a former soldier make an unlikely but fated match as they hasten for the Isle of Skye.

Orphaned heiress Olivia de Vere should have the world–or at least the men of the ton–at her feet. But when she’s thrown out of a young ladies’ academy, Olivia doubts she’ll ever find someone who will love her, rather than her bank account. To make matters worse, her dissolute cousin Felix is determined to marry her against her wishes. A virtual prisoner in her guardians’ London townhouse, Olivia can’t help but develop a tendre for her neighbor, a handsome Scottish marquess.

Battle-scarred in more ways than one, Hamish MacQueen, Lord Sleat, has braved many dangers in life. But nothing has quite prepared him for the shock of having a young child dumped on his doorstep, with a note claiming she’s his daughter. Just in the nick of time his pretty neighbor appears, offering to act as a nursemaid for the young girl on their journey to his estate in Scotland. He suspects she has her own reasons for wanting to flee the country…

The close traveling quarters leads to a fierce attraction between Olivia and Hamish that seems impossible to resist. But when ghosts from the past and monsters from the present threaten to tear them apart, will their unlikely love survive?

Amy dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

How to Catch a Sinful Marquess is the third title in my Disreputable Debutantes series with Berkley Romance and I had such a ball writing it. My heroine, Olivia de Vere, is an heiress with a stutter whose extended family treat her abominably. The Highlander hero, Hamish MacQueen—a war-wounded soldier who is also a Scots marquess—has quite a few problems of his own, too. At the start of the book, Olivia is desperately trying to avoid marriage to her odious cousin, who wants her fortune for himself, and her London neighbour, Hamish, Lord Sleat, needs to return home to his estate on the Isle of Skye to avert a family crisis. But then, to complicate matters, he finds a wee child who may or may not be his, dumped on his doorstep. When Olivia and Hamish’s paths cross courtesy of a troublesome cat, Olivia proposes a solution to both their sticky situations. She’ll take on the role of nursemaid for Hamish’s ward and accompany him north on his trip to Scotland. To ensure her plan will work, she also decides to hide her true identity, as she’s certain Lord Sleat won’t employ her if he hears she is an heiress-on-the-run. What ensues is a fast-paced, high-stakes romance that includes some of my favorite tropes—secret identity, forced proximity utilising a road trip then a marriage of convenience scenario, a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme with elements of Gothic romance, and a remote Scottish setting complete with a partially ruined clifftop castle! Does it sound like fun? I hope readers love Olivia and Hamish’s story just as much as I do. To date, it’s one of my favorites. (And isn’t the cover gorgeous? I adore Olivia’s gown.)

You can find out more about this book at Amy’s website or buy it from Penguin Random House.