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Guest blogger: Cathleen Ross

19 March 2023

I’ve always wanted to write an amnesia trope romance, because I love reading them. I particularly enjoy reading married couple amnesia stories where the heroine doesn’t remember being married to the hero because it’s such a quirky situation. How quickly will they get into bed? How will they be able to resolve past issues? Will they be able to love each other again? I really enjoyed throwing problems at Sophia and Lorenzo, particularly because they are a separated couple in the beginning of the book and I loved watching them work it out.

In The Count’s Amnesiac Wife, heroine Sophia, has always been in love with Conte Lorenzo di Fontini.

He’s six years older than she is but they grew up on the coast of Taormina in neighbouring estates, seeing each other regularly as their fathers were in business together. Lorenzo knows this is not a woman he can toy with, not when the families are so close, it’s marry her or let her go.

After Sophia marries Lorenzo, she goes to London with him and is studying her fashion design degree. Both want to have a big family and live their happily ever after together but what neither of them realise is that Sophia is a genius in design. When her career explodes on the world stage, she is so busy she struggles to have time with Lorenzo. The demands of her career coupled with health issues leads to her collapse and Sophia stops breathing for two minutes. When she wakes up, she thinks she’s eighteen and a virgin.

Lorenzo is proud of his clever, beautiful wife but the passionate Italian aristocrat doesn’t expect to come second to her career, after all it isn’t as if she needs the money. He can provide for her every need. He certainly isn’t expecting his beautiful wife who is devoted to him to go and live in Milan away from him for her work. And what happened to their long-held idea of having a family together?

The story starts with Sophia waking up remembering she’s passionately in love with Lorenzo and wants to marry him. She thinks she’s just left school and is eighteen. She’s actually twenty-five. Imagine her surprise when she finds out she actually Lorenzo’s wife, except the Lorenzo of old is not the same man. He’s angry, he’s bitter and he doesn’t love her anymore. Or does he?

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The Count’s Amnesiac Wife

Count Lorenzo di Fontini doesn’t want his ex-wife back. After all, he’s been separated from her for a year, but he vows to her ailing father he will take her in after she collapses, and look after her until she is better. The trouble is Sophia has developed amnesia. Imagine Lorenzo’s surprise when he finds out she thinks she’s eighteen and she adores him. Although she can’t recall getting married, she claims marrying him is all she’s ever dreamed of.

Sophia Carino has never wanted anyone else except for Lorenzo di Fontini but fresh out of hospital, she certainly doesn’t expect to find out that she’s married to him. After all, she’s only just left school and is still a virgin, isn’t she?

When Lorenzo confesses they are separated, he won’t tell her why she left him. What secret is he hiding from her?
And if he’s so keen to accept their marriage is a failure why is the sex the best she’s ever had?

She’s not letting that go or him either.

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