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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Feb 2023

2 February 2023

Totally Bound brings you two stories in our Cupid’s Academy Valentine’s Collection, ghosts in a brewery, a duke reacquainted with his first love and a hot handyman in Abbeydon. Plenty of romance for the month of love!

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Here’s what’s coming up in February …

7 February

Cupid’s Academy Valentine’s Collection

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the halls of Cupid’s Academy are filled with lovestruck pupils. Whether it’s the head boy with his secret crush, the new girl flooded with love at first sight, or the captain of the football team and his biggest fan, it seems no one has escaped Cupid’s arrow. All other studies are forgotten when love is on the syllabus.

Stolen by Jayce Carter. Larkwood destroyed my freedom when they took my selkie skin. Larkwood has changed, and it’s my chance to finally get back what they stole. As we—me and the two men I’ve tried to forget—all venture into the most dangerous place in Larkwood to find what was stolen from me, there is no bigger threat to me and my freedom than the two men I’m falling for.

Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jambrea Jo Jones. Chrissy Young hates Sinclair Brown. He always tries to outshine her. Sinclair is oblivious to the fact that Chrissy hates him. He has his head down and is just trying to get through college and maybe have a little fun along the way before life takes over. What happens when the two are forced to spend time together? Can they work side by side to find love?

14 February

Brewed Hope by Emma Penny (Orders to Haunt #2). Marco, Bryson, Shawn and Ayden have been friends for years, but their brewery business is floundering. In desperate need of income, Audrey takes a job at the brewery to go undercover and help Marco haunt his friends and repair their business. Audrey has a new brew to craft—hope.

21 February

The Duke’s Lost Love by Cassie O’Brien and Raven McAllan (The Scots and the Sassenachs #3). Mrs Evanna Percival-Smyth, has agreed to chaperone the Lady Cairstine McColl during the young lady’s stay at Corbridge. The Duke of Glenard arrives in the town to prevent his daughter from paying a blackmailer’s ransom demand. What he does not expect when he gets there is to find her in the company of his first love, Evanna.

28 February

Abbeydon Attraction by Roxanne Blackhall (Bristol Park #1). Cat has been left the sole ownership of a family resort in Abbeydon. The hard reality when she sees the dilapidated condition of the place means she must roll up her sleeves and get busy, with help from the local handyman, who is too hot and charming for words. Cat needs to learn to trust to save both the property and their relationship.

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