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Release day: Always Delia

5 December 2022

Today is the official release of Always Delia by Joanne Austen Brown (Always #3) (ebook and paperback, self-published). Here’s the blurb:

cover image of Always Delia by Joanne Austen BrownDelia has been in search for a man she believes is her real father. However, she has been unable to find him. Was her mother telling the truth? Delia decides to go home to the man who raised her and a brother who has protected her.

Lucas has loved Delia almost from the first moment they met. He has done all that he could to help her find her real father. But now he has, he wants to protect her from a man who he knows she will not want to meet.

Their families have been caught up in a twisted tale of love, loss, and villainy. Now they have a chance at real love and a happy ever after. Will it be for Delia and Lucas?

Joanne dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

The Always series has been a blessing. I love the chance to add murder and mystery to a romance and those who have read it say that it works. I have had great success so far with this series. Surprisingly I have picked up some male readers who love the combination of murder and mystery with romance. They have been very generous with their compliments. I have given an option for the reader to tell me when it is finished if they want more. I look forward to hearing from the readers.

You can find out more about this book at Joanne’s website or buy it from here.

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