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Release day: The Soldier’s Daughter

8 September 2022

Today is the official release of The Soldier’s Daughter by AnneMarie Brear (ebook, paperback and audio, Boldwood Books). Here’s the blurb:

cover image of The Soldier's Daughter by AnneMarie BrearYorkshire 1860

With the heat of their beloved India far behind them, Evie Davenport and her widowed British Army officer father, are starting a new life in England.

But Evie is struggling. With her dearest mother gone, Yorkshire with its cold, damp countryside and strict societal rules makes Evie feel suffocated and alone.

Her friendship with Sophie Bellingham, the gently reared daughter of a wealthy rail baron, is Evie’s only comfort. Until the arrival of local cotton mill owner, Alexander Lucas.

Newly returned from America, it is expected Alexander will marry and finally make England his home. And Sophie with her family connections and polite manners is the obvious choice.

But when Alexander meets Evie, a simmering passion ignites between them. Evie, with her rebellious spirit is like no other woman Alex has ever met, but to reject Sophie for Evie would cause a scandal and devastate everyone Evie loves.

Evie knows she must do her duty. But in doing so faces the unbearable future of being without the man she loves.

AnneMarie dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I really enjoyed writing The Soldier’s Daughter set in England’s Victorian era, which is my 31st novel to be published. As always, I relish writing about strong women and Evie Davenport is certainly that as she adjusts to living in rural Yorkshire after growing up in India. A loyal daughter, she is devoted to her father, but her independent spirit is tested when she must put aside her own wants and wishes for the sake of others. The love triangle between Evie, Alexander and Sophie was interesting to create when faced with the expectations of Victorian attitudes and, as I’ve done in previous books, the joy of researching Yorkshire is something close to my heart because it’s where most of my ancestors come from. I hope readers really like the book and Evie’s story.

You can find out more about this book at AnneMarie’s website or buy it from here.

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