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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jul 2022

2 July 2022

Totally Bound Publishing take you to Richadam Ranch, on vacation, on a mission to save humankind, to a haunting and to Jayce Carter’s Larkwood Academy this month. Buckle up!

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Here’s what’s coming up in July …

5 July

Her Harem Collection

Romance at Richadam Ranch by Bella Settarra. Leaving her job, home and cheating boyfriend, Charlotte Priestley takes a job at Richadam Ranch, Colorado. Richard, Chad, and Adam are desperate for their business to work, and for that it is crucial that they find a decent chef immediately. Charlotte seems perfect for the position—and several other positions they dream about—but will she want what they’re offering?

Wild in the Country by Elizabeth Coldwell. It should be a special vacation for two—a chance for my deliciously dominant husband Adam and I to celebrate my thirtieth birthday and our wedding anniversary. Then the booking company screws up. The only solution? Sharing. Except it’s not just the house we’re going to share.

12 July

(Mis)Taken by Katy Hunter (Mixed Emotions #3). Falling in love with her best friend’s twin brother was never Penny’s plan, but the Spanish ocean breeze, the cutest puppy and the promise that he’ll never, ever propose might just change her mind … Can Pacey become the man Penny needs without the shadow of his mother’s disappointment looming over him—or will the Spanish ocean breeze blow away their dreams?

19 July

Blood Promotion by MJ Klipfel (Crossed Souls #1). When the megalomaniac mayor inadvertently gives reporter Tessa Sanders the ultimate career-making story, it’s reason to celebrate … Seems humankind is on a deadline, and if she and her captor, a drop-dead-gorgeous vampire, can’t break the story before their time’s up, humanity gets its pink slip.

Disclosure Lines by Emma Penny (Orders to Haunt #1). Stephanie is newly inducted into The Order, and, as a ghost with a mission to prove herself worthy of the title, she takes the orders to haunt seriously. Tackling four human men in her first assignment is terrifying, but she’s determined to sway them by any means necessary.

26 July

Silenced by Jayce Carter (Larkwood Academy #1). My life was perfect but as it turns out, perfection is a lie. I’ve been turned into a siren, had my vocal cords cut and am now imprisoned at Larkwood Academy, a most dangerous and heavily secured place. Everyone wants me to follow the rules, but I can’t be that girl anymore. They might have stolen my voice, but they can’t keep me silenced.

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