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Feature book: Summer Nights with a Cowboy

29 June 2022

Summer Nights with a Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

Subgenre: Western romance
Release date: 29 Mar 2022
Publisher: ‎St Martin’s Paperbacks
Format: ebook and print
Length: 317 pages
RRP: $9.28 (ebook); $21.25 (print)

Zach Kettredge versus Janie Atwood. This is the long-awaited story of Zach finding his love.

Zach is not happy that the coffee has landed on his shirt. Janie is mortified that the man she has been ogling from afar, is now the recipient of her clumsiness. All over his nice sheriff’s shirt. In front of half the town.

Zach is known as the stony faced and stoic local sheriff. He started out as a by the book sheriff which has implications for his shiny new love. Zach knows there is something suspicious about the new nurse, he can’t quite put his finger on it, but he will find out. As he chips away at Janie’s story and discovers new things about his family, he finds the love of his life.

Janie Atwood has had two purposes in coming to town. One is as the nurse for one of the town’s elder residents, and the other is to find her family. Her mother died giving birth to her but having been brought up by her maternal grandparents, she is now looking for her father and his relatives. What she didn’t expect to find is the love of her life.

Janie discovers who her father is and gets to find a whole other set of grandparents. Zack already prepared her that her newfound grandparents may not like him as he had her father arrested and he is now in jail. But like all good romances, he and the family are able to sort through this tangled web. It is Zack’s relationship with his father that has been underlying all the books in this series. Zack believes many things about his father, but his father has never defended himself from Zack’s accusations. Zack finally gets the see what really happened between his parents and is able to develop a different relationship with both his mother and his father. Naturally this assists how he can finally take the final steps towards having Janie in his life forever.

This story is a cross between a slow burn and instant gratification. The almost instant attraction sees Zack and Janie in bed together with the virginal Janie astounded and amazed with the sex. The slow burn is the outward manifestation of the new love. It is the flirtation between the pair, which the whole town gets to witness, that creates the slow burn. It is the one side of his mouth curled up in a smile type flirtation that really show the reader the attraction is really from the officially stony-faced sheriff. Very sexy and very intimate.

Reading through the series this, for me, would have been the most anticipated book. It is the unbending sheriff and, we know as romance readers, these ones are the ones who fall the hardest. It is a delicious anticipation for these unbending heroes will always find their match. Zack and Janie’s story did not disappoint.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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