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Feature book: Second Chance with His Cinderella

26 January 2022

Second Chance with His Cinderella by Kandy Shepherd

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 19 Jan 2022
Publisher: Mills & Boon Forever
Format: ebook and print
Length: 259 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $5.99 (print)

Kandy Shepherd’s new book, with the always loved Cinderella trope in full swing, is an absolute charmer. First, it’s set in lovely London, in the swanky Cheyne Walk in Chelsea (where apparently the first house was built by King Henry VIII—just saying). Having googled it and viewed the photos I’ve decided that I, too, could cope with living there. Second, the characters are absolutely fabulous and oh-so-lovable.

Kitty Clements and her friend have their own company: PWP—People Who Pack. They come in and pack—then unpack at the other end—when people need removalists. Kitty is quick and efficient, happy to be her own boss after a previous job disaster in PR.

She meets the brooding, diffident, somewhat shy but gorgeous Sebastian Delfont when PWP move him from his penthouse by the Thames (sigh) to the Delfont mansion in Cheyne Walk, recently inherited from his grandfather. It’s been the ancestral Delfont home for hundreds of years. He’s not too happy to be moving into a house that’s afforded him little happiness in life. His grandfather was strict, harsh and controlling. Taking over the family business interests is necessary but something Sebastian can summon little enthusiasm for; he’s already made his own fortune in finance. Still, he can and will go ahead and put his own stamp on things, especially his grandmother’s charitable foundation.

Sebastian is not OCD but definitely needs order and control over his personal environment. To counter the bad atmosphere at the Delfont mansion he insists to Kitty that she photograph his personal library in the penthouse, and then reshelve it in his new study exactly as it was arranged in his penthouse. Kitty is used to all sorts of requests, and she is lovely about following his request to the letter without judgement, something Sebastian is hugely thankful for. At least that’s one room he’ll be able to enjoy without his toxic grandfather’s stamp on it.

As Kitty sets the Delfont mansion to rights, he suddenly asks if she’d be interested in becoming his housekeeper. A house that size needs staff and attention, especially with the inevitable entertaining that must eventuate. Kitty, always warm and kind, defers at first, but then sorts a few things out with her friend regarding PWP. She and Sebastian decide she’ll have a six-week ‘household manager’ contract instead, to bring the house up to his requirements, find staff, and set in motion some necessary renovations.

There’s a reason why Kitty, a bright, fun, intelligent woman, is working for herself. She endured an ugly incident at her last job, which escalated into a complete nightmare. She lost her reputation, her job and her boyfriend. When she confesses the horrid details to Sebastian, thinking her bad reputation may also drag him down if she’s suddenly working with him, he’s outraged, a true hero. And rightly so!

As for Sebastian, poor guy, he’s had a love-starved life. Will Kitty bring him the sunshine and love he so badly needs?

This is a sumptuous, gorgeous romance, as two deeply wounded people tiptoe around the possibility of love and a better, brighter future. Just beautiful, Kandy Shepherd, thank you!

reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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