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Feature book: 12 Rogues of Christmas

12 January 2022

12 Rogues of Christmas

Subgenre: historical romance
Release date: 20 Aug 2020
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
(novellas now available separately)

What a treat this set of stories was and there are actually 13 stories. As there are so many stories, the book is a substantial size, so it is perfect for a story a day for the twelve days of Christmas. As I read each story heading, I was intrigued by what would happen in each story and by each of the main characters. Well done authors!

Married by Christmas by Isabella Hargreaves. How can Lauren bear to be married to the man who was flinging his affair in her face at the dressmakers? She tries to call the marriage off and is told to stop causing trouble. She flees to hide and try to find what, and who, she wants. Sir Oliver Masterton, who was a good friend of her father is also a type of guardian. He has spent time with Lauren and loves her but believes that she would never love a man of his age. However, together they devise a plan to have their hearts’ desire which includes a trip to Scotland.

A Partridge in His Family Tree by Joanne Austen Brown. A second chance at love for this couple. I really liked the idea of them exchanging gifts and the fact that some of those gifts were very similar, showing how they knew each other.

Two Tempted Loves by Ebony Oaten. A comedic story on the Marquis changing roles with the butler to avoid the marriage hungry mammas. But which of these young women discovers the swap and wins the Marquis’s heart?

Three French Men by Ava January. Three French men buy the house. Three sisters claim to own the house. Who actually owns the house and how can they resolve the issue, is the basis of this story. Read to find out who wins at love.

Four Calling Cards by Susanne Bellamy. Clementine Basingthwaite has to wait a very long time to win her heart’s desire. Marriage to Will. Will has disappeared and his best friend steps in until Will can return. Or will he return from his spy journey?

Five Golden Rings by Beverley Oakley. Will this fifth marriage be the one that lasts forever? Charlotte will find out as the house party continues. She discovers more about her prospective fiancé which she doesn’t like. Then Alexander saves the day.

Six Belles Need Saving by Janis Linford. The estate is nearly bankrupt and losing £4000 will not help. Gareth is pressured into assisting with six belles, or debutantes, to find a husband. Kitty has a dream of her own and is so focused on it that she can’t see until it is almost too late.

Seven Lords Proposing by Erin Grace. An anonymous gift sent to a young woman says she will have a suitor on Christmas Eve. Charlotte is beside herself when she gets six gifts. But while the gifts are not from her love, he does reveal himself and gains her love and hand.

Eight Ships a’Sailing by Catherine Bilson. Ava has to flee a marriage she doesn’t want, with a man she abhors. She flees on a ship and finds a good captain who is already a wealthy man. Can their marriage overcome the secrets from the past?

Nine Years ‘Til Christmas by Alison Stuart. Can nine years and a war bring together Hannah and Fabien? After all Hannah has been through in the nine years, she deserves to be reunited with her first love.

Ten Shipwrecked Books by Renee Dahlia. Rupert was banished for his relationship with another man. He finds another love with Sofia, a fisherman’s daughter. When he returns home, he learns many secrets.

Eleven Christmas Pipers by Pamela Hart. Elizabeth is adamant her son will never be a soldier. Nor will she fall in love with another soldier. Then Gavan comes back into her life, and she may have to change her mind.

Twelve Drummers Coming to Dinner by Heidi Wessman Kneale. Anthony is the drumming corps’ good luck charm, and they don’t want to let him go. He has found love and must work a way to be able to find his HEA.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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