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Feature book: Spoilsport

5 January 2022

Spoilsport by Belinda Williams

Series: Pierce Brothers #2
Subgenre: contemporary romantic comedy
Release date: 25 Oct 2021
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
Length: 259 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook)

Nadia Alvarez was a fab best friend to Chelsea in Mr Nice Guy (Pierce Brothers #1). Now it’s her story, hooray! Easy to read standalone but do have some fun and indulge in the first book.

Nadia is a very prickly pear, bossy and fairly intolerant with people who are less than genuine. She works hard as a nurse, loves it and is terrific at her job, but her parents are high achievers: both are doctors, and her sister is a psychologist. Her mother in particular is super critical of Nadia’s chosen profession and way of life, so up go Nadia’s hackles. I think mine would, too.

She’s bought a fixer-upper and is slowly renovating, but it’s a total money pit. No sooner does she do one thing (like treat the termites) than something else blows up in her face. Still, she’s determined to grit it out, if only to show her parents (ahem, her mother) that she can adult. Above all, she just wants to give herself the warm home she never had.

Builder Luke Pierce, brother to Tom from Mr Nice Guy, once had a fiery relationship with Nadia. They parted on less than good terms, to say the least. When Nadia nearly electrocutes herself one night, Luke comes to the rescue—and plans a renovation for her house that is spectacular and affordable. Not that Nadia is impressed or thankful or anything.

Wow, these two have another fiery go-around. Luke’s been hurt by his ex-wife and hurt by Nadia, and yet his attraction to her still flares hot. Nadia is guarded and fights him all the way. Yet even she can see the amazing guy he is, and despite herself starts to fall for him again—and is passionately annoyed at herself as a result.

You almost need to arm yourself to read this. Or should I say, get your shields and get ready to duck for cover. The push-pull between these two is fabulous and slowly becomes more honest and real and wow!

Belinda Williams is an amazing author. She strips both Nadia and Luke back to the bone, right back to their vulnerable hearts. All you want is to see these two make it as a couple, but it seems impossible with their past history. Or is it?

Thanks Belinda Williams. I’m already looking forward to the next Pierce brother!

Reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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