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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Dec 2021

2 December 2021

December brings plenty of Christmas spirits to Totally Bound Publishing. Two reverse-harem stories start off the month from our We Three Kings Collection, followed by a tale of a polyamorous love life to manage over Christmas, a couple of highflyers working out what’s important in life and a fallen angel brings 2021 to a close.

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Here’s what’s coming up in December …

7 December

We Three Kings Collection. Who needs Christmas presents when these three men are the gifts? These are sinfully sexy stories set around Christmastime, featuring three handsome men who are sure to be at the top of anyone’s wish list. Experience the joy of the season … times three!

Need for Three by Emma Penny. Haunted by her past, present and future, Jericho only has one decision to make—all or none. Haunting Jericho the week before Christmas, Linwood, Milo and Dominic set out to convince her to focus on her present and give up her dreams. The three ghosts and Jericho must decide—stick to tradition or follow their hearts?

Temporary Angel by Elizabeth Coldwell. Taking on her best friend’s identity brings three men into her life—but can she keep them for longer than Christmas? Jess has sex with Daniel, Ray and Etienne, singly and together, and grows close to all three of them. What will happen if her real identity is exposed, and will she have the harem of lovers she craves?

14 December

Joy to Jane by Katherine E Hunt (Mended Hearts #4). It’s not all stockings and stuffing when Jane’s three lovers turn up at her door on Christmas Eve. Can Jane survive Christmas without her son finding out about her polyamorous love life or cope with three boyfriends all under one roof?

21 December

Don’t You Wanna Stay? by Aliyah Burke (Family Forever #1). Decisions must be made about what’s more important, love or work. Work is cutthroat and accusations fly. When careers are on the line for Gareth Ericcson and Xandra Asher, which will come out on top—their jobs or their hearts?

28 December

Fallen Angel by Katy Hunter (Half Blood #2). We all have our demons, but some women have a warlock and an angel too … Can Cal summon her lovers, escape from her binds and fix her love life before she comes face to face with her nemesis—or has this angel fallen for good?

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