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Author spotlight: JF Lowe

23 November 2021

In the lead-up to ARR2021 in December we will be spotlighting the authors who will be signing. In the spotlight today we have JF Lowe.

Who was the first romance author to catch your interest?

Lexi Blake

What do you write?

Contemporary romance, romantic suspense, military romance and erotic romance. Depending on the series or standalone I mostly write in third person, however there are a few in first person.

Which usually comes to you first—characters or plot (or something else)?

Plot. Actually, that’s a lie—usually a title then the plot.

Choose one of your books to turn into a movie—who would you cast in the lead roles?

One series is currently in the works, but it’s a TV series (so shh) so I will pick another, Wickedly Innocent and the lead character would be Ibrahim Çelikkol.

Tell us about your latest release in 100 words or less:

Seducing Philly. Escaping prison might not have been an option, but escaping him would turn out to be impossible. Nobody would have thought a degree in criminal psychology would end up with her behind bars, on death row of all things. It was his fault if he hadn’t have been so damn… Nope, she wasn’t going to think about the brute of a man who thought he was good enough to flirt with her. He’s the most infuriatingly lazy and self-assured man she’d even met, and now she was stuck in this cruel and callous hellhole.

What else are you working on in 2021?

Releasing November 2021, Seducing Vegas and romance anthology Tis the Season for Romance. In December 2021, Seducing Wall St and Caught Under the Mistletoe romance anthology.

JF Lowe’s latest releases:

You can find more information on JF Lowe on her website.

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