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Guest blogger: Mel A Rowe

21 November 2021

Do you fall in love with the animals in romance stories?

WC Field’s said, ‘Never work with animals or children.’

They’re scene stealers.

Which is so true. I’d never realised the power of this statement until a reader recently posted on social media about how much he loved the animal characters in the Elsie Creek Series.

It spurred on some comments of how many other readers love the animals in stories, too.

Animals, with issues, have their own story to tell!

Assorted animals become scene-stealing stars, especially in the bestselling Elsie Creek Series. I’m not kidding …

In the 2021 RuBy finalist, Caked in Dust, there’s an angry hen who attacks people, yet falls for the sexy fireman! Who wouldn’t—that fireman is smokin’!

For Muster in the Dust, there’s a three-legged crocodile amid all the action. That’s right, a retired man-eater, steals the show.

There are specially trained rodeo horse who play a big part in the race for Muster in the Dust.

Dogs are mentioned, like the cattle dog hitting holiday mode on the cattle station, in the other 2021 RuBy finalist and 4 x 2021 ARRA finalist in Xmas Dust.

Adding to the canine menagerie is a tail-less cattle dog in my latest release, Rolled in Dust. He’s a pup of mystery, with a very unusual name for a male pup.

But my most loved character in the Elsie Creek Series, who generates a tonne of fan mail, is the infamous water buffalo called Cecil. There is no Elsie Creek Series without this amazing mascot who stole the show from the first book in the series, The Art of Dust.

So if you love your animals in romance, take an armchair tour of the Northern Territory outback with the Elsie Creek Series today. It’s like having a holiday at home.

Happy reading,
Mel xx

Australian bestselling author, Mel A ROWE creates escapes for today’s busy women to enjoy from the comfort of their home. Delivered with a dash of drama, witty humour and quirky family units, Mel is known for reinventing romantic versions of home, taking common characters on uncommon journeys that lead from boardrooms to billabongs as they try to find their own HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

You can find Mel here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Rolled in Dust

When it comes to first and second impressions, they couldn’t get any worse. But when a heated moment ends with a kiss—it breaks all the rules.

As Elsie Creek’s newest resident, Que is way too jaded to go near any man, let alone Connor, the judgemental jerk next door. Busy trying to fit in, she now has to pretend that kissing the beautiful bad boy meant nothing!

Yet the chemistry Connor shares with the feisty single mother is undeniable. So to avoid the temptation of diving too deep, he’ll obey her house rules of no afterschool visits, no talk of the past, and forget a forever future. Perfect for this military man dancing with his own demons, eager to return to base and avoid the small-town gossipers.

That is until trouble crosses boundaries in their very own neighbourhood, threatening everything they love—who will be left standing?

Set in the uniquely rugged and romantic outback, the bestselling Elsie Creek Series is the perfect home for healing hearts and new beginnings.

Are you ready to Escape to a HAPPILY EVER AFTER? The Elsie Creek series can be enjoyed as a standalone or beautifully binged in order.

Find your copy at your favourite online bookstore HERE.

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  1. 21 November 2021 10:52 am

    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to share with your readers and members..

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