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Feature book: Colton Manhunt

20 October 2021

Colton Manhunt by Jane Godman

Series: Coltons of Mustang Valley #6
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 1 Mar 2020
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Format: ebook
Length: 213 pages
RRP: $4.99 (ebook)

This book is a romantic suspense featuring a favourite type of character: a law enforcement K-9!

Katrina Perry is a dog trainer. Not training the K-9s, instead the sort of trainer you and I would use for puppies or rescue dogs. Her business has the clever name Look Who’s Walking, and she owns two dogs herself. The array of equipment and food and toys at both her business and home is impressive. As is her ‘dog knowledge’ of breeds and how they behave and how you ensure you’re the boss!

Katrina’s twin is Eliza, who fell off the wagon in terms of drug use a long time ago. Their mother was a long-time drug and alcohol addict, and sadly enabled Eliza to follow her down the same dark road. With no father around, Katrina’s stepped up all her life to care for her Mum and sister, to become responsible for them both—which they didn’t take kindly to. Heartbreaking. Eliza only surfaces in Katrina’s life when she wants something, such as money. It’s been a fine line for Katrina: even as she reaches out, Eliza’s likely to make herself ‘vanish’ in a flash. Cue yet another missing person’s report.

When an earthquake suddenly destroyed Eliza’s home, she found accommodation with a charity organisation called AAG (Affirmation Alliance Group), but Katrina hasn’t heard from her in months. Going dark is nothing new with Eliza’s track record for going off the grid, but this time Katrina feels uneasy. On impulse she decides to visit the AAG to find her sister and make sure she’s all right.

It doesn’t go well. Staff there say Eliza ‘moved on’ after two days, but her dog Dobby suddenly appears. Katrina knows Eliza would sacrifice everything for her dog and always take him with her. She doesn’t believe the pat ‘moving on’ story from AAG—something’s wrong.

She makes a formal missing person’s report to Sgt Spencer Colton, whose canine partner is Boris. Spencer’s mired in the murder case of Payne Colton, a distant relative—a thread running through from previous books in this series but explained quite nicely here.

At first Katrina comes across as a bit hysterical (as you would) but Spencer’s intrigued enough to take on the case. He’s a triplet and has always had good relationships with his brother and sister. That twins could be so fractured in life both saddens and intrigues him, as does Katrina. He’s smitten with her pretty darn fast.

There follows a series of high-drama incidents and attacks on Katrina at her business and her home. Something is certainly going terribly wrong, and it’s difficult to work out who’s the perpetrator, and why. Katrina initially doesn’t feel supported by Spencer and goes off on her own investigations. This unfortunately makes things worse and brings Katrina back to Spencer.

As these two work together their attraction flares high, but so does the danger. Can they keep safe until they find Eliza?

The dogs are a terrific part of this story. I loved reading about them, in particular the skills of K-9 Boris. Not all the suspense threads are tied up in this compelling book, but the mystery about Eliza is solved.

Reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

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