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Release day: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween

18 October 2021

Today is the official release of A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween by Samantha Marshall, Georgia Tingley, Hellucy Howe, Marnie St Clair and Leisl Leighton (ebook and print, self-published). Here’s the blurb:

Cover image of A perfectly paranormal HalloweenWho will get their happy ever after the night the veil to the Otherworld thins?

When Demi-Gods and Demons, Witches and Fae, Dracons and Shifters come out to play on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s a night for mischief, for revelry, for power plays. It’s not a night for love … or is it?

Anything could happen this Halloween … and probably will.

HEADLESS – Samantha Marshall

Cursed and headless ex-knight Devlin didn’t think his un-life could get any worse. With his honour in tatters, all he wants is a chance to break his curse… except the demon who can break said curse has better things to do with her time – like running from the Demon Hunters who followed him to town, destroying the life she’d eked out for herself. Forced to work together to survive, Devlin gets another chance to change her mind; all he has to do is turn up the charm, appeal to the sense of honour his sinfully delicious demonic companion doesn’t have, and hope she doesn’t mount his head on her wall as a trophy – or worse, his heart.


To save her, he will pay the eternal price!

Bryn Doyle is dying. After volunteering for experimental therapy, he is transformed into something paranormal and makes a fatal mistake on All Hallows Eve. When a powerful warlock offers a magical solution, it comes with eternal conditions. Conditions that have a delightful twist.


What if the truth doesn’t set you free?

Seelie Lord DeMaksim Aphiski is his father’s perfect heir … until the day he breathes fire. Blue blazes, is the rumour of a Dracon in the family actually true? Needing answers, DeMaksim pursues reports of a draconian family connection into the threatening Dark Reaches – where a crazed Unseelie monster binds him to a soul-sucking Undine. Stuck in an awkward partnership with enemies close behind and an uncertain future ahead, freedom becomes DeMaksim’s top priority … except his reluctant companion smells divine, and her smile rivals the sunrise. Maybe a little soul sucking wouldn’t be so bad, after all?

GOOD RIDDANCE – Marnie St Clair

Lone wolf Harlow Jackson is Owlscroft Coven’s demon hunter. Happiest working alone, Harlow resents her new partner – on-the-run wizard Aiden – but it’s not long before she has to admit Aiden is not only gifted at evicting demons, he looks incredible doing it.

Soon, Harlow finds herself having to choose between her coven and her new friends, between witch duty and wizard power, and between charting her own course and making room for love.

And that’s before the most destructive demon known to witchkind arrives … just in time for Halloween.

SOUL CURSED – Leisl Leighton

A soul cursed, a love discovered, an evil unbound …

Immortal witch, Korinna Soteira, has spent 2000 years uselessly trying to save the souls lost when she didn’t stop Mt Vesuvius from erupting. Then the betraying cupid she once loved arrives with the very items she needs to complete her quest. The catch: she can have them only if she helps him wrest his mother’s stolen powers from an evil witch. All they have to do is travel through the Underworld on Halloween, vanquish the witch and get out before all hell, quite literally, breaks loose. No problems … if only the Fates didn’t have other plans.

Samantha dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

We had an absolute blast working on this anthology together. A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween is the second offering in the A Perfectly Paranormal anthology series by new and award-winning Australian authors, and features continuing and standalone stories that will give you goosebumps of the romantic kind. With sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, delicious chills and emotional thrills, you are sure to fill all your Halloween desires with this exciting collection of paranormal novellas!

You can buy the book from here.

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