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Feature book: Contracted to Her Greek Enemy

13 October 2021

Contracted to Her Greek Enemy by Annie West

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 1 May 2020
Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern
Format: ebook
Length: 192 pages
RRP: $4.99 (ebook)

This wonderful story takes us to Greece and opens with the second marriage ceremony of Emma Piper and Christo Karides, who we met in Wedding Night Reunion in Greece. Contracted to Her Greek Enemy is Stephanie’s story (Emma’s best friend) and boy is it a cracker.

Stephanie Logan and Damen Nicolaides meet again, though Stephanie is not pleased to see him. Having been kidnapped by Damen in the hopes of revealing Emma’s whereabouts some months previous, and falling for his charming façade, she’s taken aback when he offers her two million dollars to pose as his girlfriend.

As much as Stephanie would like to spurn Damen’s offer, she needs the money desperately after a failed business partnership has resulted in her being almost penniless. She’ll accept but demands a clause of no kissing. She’s already been exposed to Damen’s kiss and whilst it’s stuck in her mind, she doesn’t trust him.

Damen might regret how he handled the situation with Stephanie previously, but still feels he was justified in trying to help his friend. Damen’s views are quite black and white, and it’s only with time that he starts to change. There is pressure on Damen to marry his second cousin, Clio, who he views as a sister, and he needs to dissuade Clio’s father of the notion he should marry Clio. Stephanie is the perfect answer to that problem, until they spend time together and realise it could be so much more between them.

This was pure escapism, and honestly right now, who wouldn’t love that. Sailing around Greece in a super yacht, couture shopping trips and decadent parties? Sign me up. Damen and Stephanie were perfect for each other, each highlighting the other’s flaws and helping the other grow. I enjoyed Stephanie’s strength of character that shone in every interaction she had with Damen, even when he was thinking the worst of her.

This really delivered the Presents promise: glamour, power, and passion. I loved getting Stephanie and Damen’s story after reading Emma and Christo’s. I’m hoping that Clio will get her own story at some stage too (can you tell I’m a sucker for linked series?) Thank you to Annie West for another amazing read.

Reviewed by Jayne

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

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