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Feature book: All the Dumb Things

13 October 2021

All the Dumb Things by Georgia Tingley

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 31 Jul 2020
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
Length: 251 pages
RRP: $6.50 (ebook)

All the Dumb Things is from Georgia’s ‘Romance—Mature Love’ line, where the heroines are over 35.

Juliet hits her 40th birthday. As with so many people hitting the big 4-0, her birthday becomes a time to reflect on life, and particularly her love life—more on that soon.

She owns her own home and lives in small town Roanoke Rapids, where she’s established her own painting, interior design and renovation business. She’s renovated and flipped a lot of houses successfully and she loves her job. Why would she ever want to move away from her family and friends to somewhere like big, bad New York?

Why indeed. One word: Trey. Her brother’s best friend, and also her totally super-hot best friend since they were teenagers. He now lives and works in NY. He’s always there for her as friend and even protector, just not physically there in person. (Meltdown and cue scorching kisses—and more—whenever he is around.)

After more than half her life with the wrong partners, including a husband she thought she loved, Juliet finally figures out she loves Trey. Always has, always will. Any romance reader worth their salt would figure that out super quick, but it’s fun to watch Juliet realise it.

What to do? Make him fall in love with her, of course. They’ve always loved each other but they’ve never been in love. There’s a big difference, according to Juliet and her BFF Cassie, so they cook up a mad scheme to make it happen. The book relays everything in delicious explicit detail, while also remembering every single lover Juliet has ever had. Omigosh, so! much! sizzle! You almost fall in love with each guy from Juliet’s past, but there’s always something slightly wrong with them. Usually just because they’re not Trey.

Trey is tall, handsome, gorgeous, rich, generous, every woman’s dream hero. He’s made a fortune with graphic tech and design for non-fiction books, and works in NY. Loves the excitement of the city, the challenges, but misses Juliet like crazy, often turning up like a knight in shining armour at troubled times in her life. He had a difficult childhood, born late in life to a mother who didn’t want or nurture him, and he has a warped view on marriage: it doesn’t work, and he never wants to get married or have kids.

When he visits Juliet to offer her an unexpected renovation project, he’s suddenly blindsided by Her Plan to make him fall in love, with maybe a view to ever after. Not that he knows about it or anything.
A super-steamy friends-to-lovers frolic. Don’t miss!

Reviewed by Mary D

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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