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Guest blogger: Megan Mayfair

3 October 2021

The love triangle

My latest release is Murder by Numbers, the first book in the Lemon Tree Bay Mystery series. It’s a romantic cosy mystery featuring Clara Mitchell, who solves baffling crime in her spare time (effectively my childhood dream) with a cast of quirky characters.

After finding herself back in her coastal hometown, Clara finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation AND a love triangle, caught between the prime suspect (her new boyfriend, poker-faced accountant Lucas) and the investigating officer (her ex-boyfriend, cranky surfer and local cop, Adam).

I know the love triangle can sometimes be something readers love, or hate in books. ‘MAKE A DECISION’ is something we can find ourselves shouting at the hero or heroine, or other times find ourselves completely lost in the drama. I’m usually the latter, and I’ve compiled a few of my favourite love triangles:

(1) Twilight. I love Twilight. I’m totally there for the angsty, rainy, drama. While I am most definitely #teamedward, I have no ill-will towards Jacob. Though, I do remain somewhat unconvinced of the ending of his love story.

(2) The Hunger Games. Gale vs Peeta. This one changed over time for me. For the first book, I felt Gale was the one, but increasingly he became so lost in the cause, I didn’t feel his love for Katniss was as strong as his commitment to revolution.

(3) Pride and Prejudice. Were Elizabeth, Darcy and Wickham locked in some sort of love triangle? I say ‘yes’ and it’s one of my favourites. Early on, I fell for Wickham’s easy charm and tales of woe (so sad an imaginary violin played in my head while I read), but the bombshell letter of Darcy’s is a key reminder that all is not fair in love or war. And Wickham never played fair. At least with this one, there’s a clear winner. Is anyone other than Lydia ever going to be #teamwickham?

(4) Bridget Jones’s Diary. See above. Oh, Daniel Cleaver. Deviously delicious.

(5) Something Borrowed. Emily Giffin’s tale of love in New York (also involving a Darcy. Hmm. Is this the perfect love triangle name?).

(6) Rebecca. There is nothing more compelling than a love triangle involving a tragic first wife? See also, Jane Eyre.

If you’d like to check out the love triangle in Murder by Numbers, the book is now available. I’d so love to know whether you think Clara ends up with Lucas or Adam.

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Murder by Numbers

Following a spectacular business failure, Clara Mitchell returns to her coastal hometown, Lemon Tree Bay, with an inglorious thud. Living with her mum and working in a hair salon, she’s determined to repay her debts and get back to glamorous city living.

When she meets poker-faced accountant Lucas Pepper, sparks fly, however, their blossoming romance slips into the red as he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his uncle.

Convinced of Lucas’s innocence, Clara locks horns with her ex-boyfriend – local bad boy turned police officer, Senior Constable Adam Billings. He’s desperate to prove Lucas guilty and protect Clara at all costs.

With evidence threatening to sink Lucas, Clara must unravel the mystery using a trusty grapevine of local gossip and her somewhat unreliable intuition. Will she save Lucas from mounting charges in time, or was Adam right all along?

  1. 5 October 2021 6:04 am

    Great post Megan!

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