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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Oct 2021

1 October 2021

October brings Halloween with it, and Totally Bound Publishing has plenty of great stories this month to cast their magic over you. Throughout the month we have witchy and demon tales from top-selling authors and three books from our new Dark and Deadly BDSM collection, including the next in The Omega’s Alphas series by Jayce Carter. There is the second contemporary baseball story in the Cleat Chasers series, and daring plans are hatched in darkest Scotland for the Earl of Callendar and his secret bride.

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Here’s what’s coming up in October …

5 October

666 Things to Do With a Demon by Eleanor Harkstead and Catherine Curzon. Without a date for the Halloween ball, Periwinkle Took uses her witchy skills to cast a sexy spell. If His Royal Infernal Highness Prince Gilderoy Asmodeus wants to have more than one night on Earth, he has to fall in love and be loved in return—but this particular prince just isn’t the type … is he?

The Game Changer by Jaqueline Snowe (Cleat Chasers #2). A string of bad dates has Greta Aske giving up on men, at least for the time being. Aaron Hill is desperate to save his baseball career. A fake relationship will keep him out of trouble—could Greta be the game changer Aaron needs?

Whisper by Ellen Mint (Coven of Desire #6). Balancing school, work and two boyfriends is draining enough, but Layla is drowning in her witchcraft duties—literally. Daniel Lu actually dropped dead five years before Layla was born, but this wayward ghost forced to haunt the library needs her help to find his killer. What kind of fool would fall for someone who’s little more than a whisper in the dark?

12 October

Basic Witch by Katy Hunter (Half Blood #1). Cal has problems … man problems. A torrid affair with Travis, a six-foot sex demon, has the celestial beings in a tizzy … not to mention the fact that she’s also sharing her bed with a rather delicious warlock, Max. All she has to do in the meantime is round up a few troublesome vampires and a rotten demon here or there …

19 October

The Earl of Callendar’s Secret Bride by Raven McAllen and Cassie O’Brien (The Scots and The Sassenachs #1) Duncan, the Earl of Callander, loves his beautiful neighbour Lady Cairstine McColl but has held back from proposing until she has enjoyed her debut in Edinburgh. However, matters are taken out of his control when Cairstine discovers a plot to blackmail her father with her hand in marriage demanded as the ransom price. A daring plan is hatched.

26 October

The Dark and Deadly Collection

It’s Halloween, and the trick-or-treaters won’t be satisfied with candy. These Halloween-themed BDSM stories are sure to cause a thrill. You’re invited to a fancy dress party in the dungeon and introduced to Doms even scarier than their costumes … will it be love at first strike?

Under His Dominance by Jasmine Hill. Asmodeus is the Archdemon of lust. In his guise of Barrett Lord, he rules over an empire of clubs that cater to the lustful urges and fetishes of humans. Arianell is special and Asmodeus wants to keep her, but to do so, he’ll have to risk everything. Will she agree to his plans? Or will he lose her forever?

Reclaimed by Her Alphas by Jayce Carter (The Omega’s Alphas #10). When Claire fell in love with Bryce, Joshua and Kaidan, she thought she’d found her happily ever after, but her life seems more trick than treat these days. Hoping to give them all a break, Claire throws a Halloween party … but they’ll have to risk taking off the masks they’ve been hiding behind if they hope to turn their scary story into a Halloween treat.

Show Me Something Good by Hannah Murray (Perfect Taboo #4). Kit Howard loves everything about her job except for one: Nathaniel Saint. Thanks to a friend, she has an invitation to a ‘private’ Halloween party held by the local BDSM club. While Kit has no interest in bondage, pain, or the power games of BDSM, she does like to watch—and Nathaniel has just walked in the door.

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