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Author spotlight: Cathleen Ross

28 September 2021

In the lead-up to ARR2021 in December we will be spotlighting the authors who will be signing. In the spotlight today we have Cathleen Ross.

Who was the first romance author to catch your interest?

I remember it was Diana Gabaldon. The hero beat the heroine and it really shocked me. Still does. But I think when writing historicals, accuracy is important.

What do you write?

I write across genres. I have just finished and self-published Resisting the Firefighter and it has gone very well. I did this with Christina Phillips and Mel Teshco. We’ll keep doing these.

Which usually comes to you first—characters or plot (or something else)?

Usually it’s the character but I keep seeing an old house. I wrote a synopsis for my next book around what happened in this historical house. My agent loved it, so now I have the rest of my year cut out writing an Australian historical women’s rural fiction with a strong romance.

Choose one of your books to turn into a movie—who would you cast in the lead roles?

Sorry, I have no idea!

Tell us about your latest release in 100 words or less:

Resisting Adam. Secrets shadow Emma Cain’s life, ones she can’t unlock by herself. When a bushfire threatens the valley she lives in, her ex-boyfriend, firefighter, Adam Thompson, demands she leave her home. Saving her precious cattle means everything to Emma, even if she has to agist them on Adam’s property. His fireproof place is the one safe place, but is it safe for her heart? Adam Thompson is determined to get Emma back and right the wrongs of the past. Bit by bit he unlocks Emma’s heart, except he is holding on to a secret that could totally destroy her.

What else are you working on in 2021?

I have three projects on. The one above we have self-published, the rural romance/women’s fiction set in a Hunting Lodge where there is a mystery as to what has killed a woman in the past and will it happen again to the heroine? Lastly I’m doing a Cornish set novella where the heroine is a witch.

Cathleen’s latest releases:

You can find more information on Cathleen on her website.

If you haven’t booked your ticket for ARR2021 yet, you can buy one HERE.

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