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Feature book: Cinderella and the Brooding Billionaire

1 September 2021

Cinderella and the Brooding Billionaire by Michelle Douglas

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 18 Aug 2021
Publisher: Mills & Boon Forever
Format: ebook and print
Length: 166 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $16.99 (print DUO)

Welcome back to beautiful Mirror Glass Bay, last seen in Redemption of the Maverick Millionaire. We get to say a quick hello to fond memories there before Michelle whisks us on a new, romantic, Italian adventure! Have no fear if you haven’t read Maverick Millionaire, both books are stand-alone reads.

Our ‘brooding billionaire’ is Luca Viera, newly arrived from Rome when he heard the shocking news the mother of his little seven-month-old baby, Benito, died in a car accident. Luca didn’t even know he had a son, so it was a double shock.

He’s the head of a powerful financial business, struggling to keep his family firm afloat after several board members—including his own deceitful parents—have almost completely destroyed the firm’s esteemed reputation with greedy money-grabbing and nefarious business practices. Sadly, there is no love lost between Luca and his cold parents, and you wonder what his own childhood must have been like.

To have his unknown baby land in his lap on top of the strain of the business is unexpected … but wonderful.

If there was any doubt that young Benito, or ‘Benny’, might be unwelcome, put that thought aside instantly. Luca is surprised at how fiercely protective he is of the little boy, how much he’s instantly attached to his son, despite the poor thing being completely unsettled as the ‘strange man’ tries to look after him.

When Monique Thomas, a maid at Mirror Glass Bay, comes and instantly soothes the fractious Benny, Luca is stunned at her easy prowess. The little boy cuddles into her and smiles; he obviously knows her very well. Luca is even more astonished to learn that Monique is Benny’s godmother and loves him dearly. The bond between them is clear.

In a rare impulse, Luca asks Monique to return to Rome with him as Benny’s nanny. Monique is taken aback. This would give her the chance to stay with her beloved Benny. And … Rome! It sounds so wonderful, but she can’t. She has huge family problems and can’t leave her sweet, vulnerable little niece Fern. The story there is heartbreaking.

However, being a billionaire makes it a bit easier to smooth difficult paths. Monique soon finds herself on the other side of the world in Luca’s stunning house. She knows she can’t fall for him, even as a super-hot attraction flares. The plan has always been for Luca to make an advantageous marriage for the business, not for love, and Monique is just there for a year as nanny.

Can these two find their way to love with everything stacked against them? The business, their families, Luca’s ‘business’ marriage?

Michelle Douglas has once again gifted us with two beautiful people as hero and heroine, and a high-stakes romance. Despite his dreadful upbringing Luca is a deeply emotional man, and deeply dedicated to those around him. Monique is simply delightful, a graceful, determined woman who brings out the best in the people surrounding her. She is a literal ray of sunshine. You desperately want these two to succeed in love and get their HEA. Thanks Michelle! Another 5-star read.

reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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