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Release day: The Farmer’s Friend

31 August 2021

Today is the official release of The Farmer’s Friend by Fiona McArthur (ebook, audio book and paperback, Penguin Random House). Here’s the blurb:

Cover image of The Farmer's Friend by Fiona McArthurThey’d bought a stock and feed store called, of all things, The Farmer’s Friend.
Gracie could tell Jed thought it a great name. ‘Farmers stick together. I like it.’

Jed and Gracie’s move to Featherwood brings big dreams and open hearts, despite the drought around them. The ready-made rural store even comes with an ancient homestead overlooking the river, albeit one requiring some TLC.  Gracie is expecting, and they’re eager to put down family roots in the tiny community.

Midwife Nell has fled her life in Sydney, hoping to start afresh on a small farm away from prying eyes and gossip. She strives to go unnoticed, but that proves near impossible when she meets charismatic Gracie and Jed, and the  unpredictable, attractive Liam, who has as much emotional baggage as Nell does herself.

Jed’s store becomes the meeting place for the town’s colourful characters, people who’d do anything for their  neighbours and friends. As Gracie’s due date draws close, tensions rise between her and Jed when his impulsiveness strains their precarious financial situation. As a bushfire ravages the region, the whole town comes under threat, putting relationships and lives on the line.

Can quiet achievers, unexpected heroes, and a valley of part-time fire-fighters and farmers help Featherwood rise again?

By the bestselling author of The Bush Telegraph comes a moving and uplifting Australian drama about what it really means to be a community – and learning that best friends can also make the best family.

Fiona dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Waving from the farm in rural New South Wales! The first reviews are coming in, and my new book The Farmer’s Friend is being called ‘an addictive entertaining tale’, and a ‘stunning Aussie rural medical fiction with a bunch of colourful  characters’, which has made my day. Huge thanks to Craig from HappyValleyBooksRead and all the reviewers out there. You see, The Farmer’s Friend is not just a story about Jed and Gracie, or only about the power of friendship to heal  wounds, but it’s a story of hope and love and the way small communities pull together in times of need. Some of the more personal aspects for this story came from the many people who were deeply affected but survived the fires in the Macleay Valley. Writing this a year later it’s their resilience and gratefulness for the support of the community that is the real theme for this book, along with the bravery of the rural fire service volunteers. I hope you enjoy the whole Featherwood family that Jed and Gracie find when they buy and reinvigorate the rural store called ‘The Farmer’s Friend’. HVBR said, “Loyal fans of Fiona and new ones will adore this book.” I hope so.

You can find out more about this book at Fiona’s website or buy it from here.

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