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Release day: The Scoundrel’s Daughter

24 August 2021

Today is the official release of The Scoundrel’s Daughter by Anne Gracie (ebook, paperback and audio, Berkley Books). Here’s the blurb:

Cover image of The Scoundrel's Daugher by Anne GracieAlice, Lady Charlton, newly-widowed and eager to embrace a life free of her domineering husband  is devastated when a scoundrel appears, brandishing letters that could ruin her. To prevent their publication he wants Alice to find a noble husband—a lord!—for his daughter, Lucy.

Alice is forced to agree to his blackmail but when Lucy arrives, she has absolutely no interest in her father’s scheme. A lord, she says, will only look down his nose at her—and she’s having none of that!

Desperate to retrieve the letters, Alice enlists the aid of her handsome young nephew, Gerald, who in turn seeks the help of his former commanding officer, James, Lord Tarrant. James is soon beguiled by the marriage-averse lady and sets out to teach her about love.  Meanwhile, Gerald and Lucy strike sparks each time they meet.

To combat the dastardly plot, Alice and Lucy must learn to trust each other. But can Alice put the past behind her and open her heart to love?

Anne dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

The Scoundrel’s Daughter is the start of a new series called ‘The Brides of Bellaire Gardens’, which is a large (fictional) garden square in London entirely surrounded by houses. Each one of the brides is a young woman trying to live down her father’s/mother’s/family reputation and live life on her own terms. I enjoy writing about women who are on the fringe of high society, who have decisions to make about how they will live their lives, and about the men who fall in love with them. The Scoundrel’s Daughter explores two quite different romances, one with an older couple (she’s 38 and widowed and he’s a former soldier, also widowed with three small daughters) and one with a younger couple who strike sparks off each other from the start.

You can find out more about this book at Anne’s website, or buy it from here.

  1. 25 August 2021 6:19 am

    Congratulations Anne!

    • AnneGracie permalink
      25 August 2021 8:26 am

      Thanks so much, Sandy 🙂

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