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Guest blogger: Kat Martin

22 August 2021

Kat Martin visits us today to share an excerpt from her upcoming release:

One Last Kiss

Sam Bridger stood outside the Vail Valley Jet Center, the executive terminal at the Eagle County Airport, watching a sleek white Citation taxi toward the gate.

The stairs were put in place and the door swung open. A sexy little blonde emerged from the plane, the only passenger aboard. Sam chaffed with annoyance as he watched her descend the metal stairs, the spoiled city girl he would be babysitting for the next four weeks.

Unlike today, guests usually arrived at the regular passenger terminal, not the fancy private jet terminal.

Unfortunately, this was Martin Hale’s niece and Sam considered Marty a friend. In accordance with the man’s dying request, Sam had agreed to employ his niece and though he would have done it as a favor to a friend, Marty insisted on giving the Bridger Ranch fifty thousand dollars in return, a sum Sam couldn’t afford to turn down.

Not after last year’s drought, the drop in beef prices, and the grass fire that had destroyed two of his best grazing pastures.

Sam watched the petite blonde with the beautiful face, and gorgeous long blond hair descend the last of the metal stairs and walk toward him across the tarmac. In a short skirt and matching jacket, she was stunning, with shapely legs, a tiny waist, and a full bosom, the kind of woman who could make a man hard just by looking at him.

Unexpected arousal tightened his jeans and his annoyance grew. Sam thought maybe he had made a bargain with the devil.


Libby looked up to see a tall man in jeans and worn cowboy boots, one of the ranch hands, she was sure. Good-looking, she had to admit, with a chest that stretched the snaps on the front of his denim shirt.

His hair was a shiny dark gold and long enough to curl over the back of his collar. He had a solid jaw and a cleft in his chin.

But—she reminded herself—he was a man. That was reason enough to block him from her thoughts.

She waved as he approached and he stopped right in front of her.

“Ms. Hale?”

“That’s right. I assume you work at the ranch. If you’re here to pick me up, my luggage is over there.” She pointed a pink, freshly manicured nail toward a stack of leather-trimmed bags on a rolling cart, everything she might need for a month in near isolation in some wilderness outpost.

The man’s gaze followed hers to the cart and one dark gold eyebrow went up. “All of that’s yours?”

Libby frowned. “If you don’t think I brought enough, I can call a friend, have her UPS a few more things.”

“Oh, I think you brought enough.” He turned to the valet working behind the concierge counter. “We could use your help over here.”

“Yes, sir.” The young valet couldn’t seem to move fast enough. The ranch hand did have a commanding way about him. Uncle Marty had spoken with the same kind of authority. She knew it was more than just the millions he was worth, though that clearly added to the motivation.

A memory arose of the warmth in her uncle’s eyes whenever they were together and the crooked smile she had come to love. Her eyes misted. Libby blinked away any hint of tears. It was time to move forward and that was exactly what she intended to do.

Four weeks from now, her life could begin in earnest, as soon as she met the terms of Uncle Marty’s will. She followed the valet across the sidewalk to a big black Dodge Ram truck and watched as the tall blond ranch hand started tossing her luggage into the back of the truck.

“Be careful, that’s Louis Vuitton! It was a gift, custom designed with my initials.”

He clamped his hands on a pair of narrow hips and his eyes darkened. “You want to load it yourself?”

“Well, no, of course not, but—”

“Then stay out of my way.”

“How far is the ranch?” she asked, as he loaded the last bag into the pickup.

“It’s about an hour’s drive from here.”

“I guess if we’re going to be together for the next hour, I ought to at least know your name. I’m Libby Hale.”

“Oh, we’re going to be together longer than an hour.” When she struggled to climb into the truck, he gripped her waist and hoisted her up as if she weighed nothing and practically tossed her into the seat.

“We’ll be spending together for the next four weeks. My name is Sam Bridger.”

The door slammed loudly as the name echoed through her brain. Sam Bridger. The man who would determine her fate until she completed the provisions of her uncle’s will.

Oh, my God!

One Last Kiss is out on 31 August. Pre-order from: Amazon | Kobo | Booktopia


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