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Feature book: How to Train Your Earl

11 August 2021

How to Train Your Earl by Amelia Grey

Subgenre: Regency romance
Release date: 27 Apr 2021
Publisher: St Martin’s Paperbacks
Format: ebook and print
Length: 350 pages
RRP: $7.98 (ebook); $17.75 (print)

It started with a wager. He wagered in the betting book at Whites that she would consent to marry him at the final ball for the season. However, she has conditions of her own. And the whole ton knows them!

Brina Feld was widowed five years ago, and her husband died when his ship sank. She never wants to re-marry and has set her life now doing good works. She initially meets Zane in Paris where he is tied up by a woman who was seducing him, while he was trying to find his nephew who was trying to elope. Okay so he was probably side-tracked by the woman’s allure. When Brina unties him, they share a kiss. One neither will forget.

Zane Howard Veldon Dormer Browning, the eighth Earl of Blacknight, is a newly minted earl. His bad luck, according to him, was the previous earl and the next two heirs were killed in a carriage accident. He accepts his fate and has done what he can to learn how to be a good earl. Initially, he is overwhelmed by the role, but he knows that with Brina by his side, he can make it. But how to convince her?

The conditions that Brina insisted on include no alcohol, no gambling, and no women. Each time Zane is tempted by the cards or a drink especially after he has to deal with his uncles and the continual pleas from family members for the earl’s largesse, he takes that moment to think that it means the loss of Brina. When the pair can no longer contain their feelings, the no women does prove to be an issue. The biggest misunderstanding comes when Zane has to play cards to secure the release of his nephew, Robert, and Brina’s nephew, Harper, from a crimp who has entrapped the two men, intending to force them to join the army or navy. The whole ton is talking about how he is playing cards. When Harper spills the information about why Zane was playing cards, Brina changes direction and meets with Zane, in front of the ton, and does something totally not in keeping with ton expectations. What was it? I think you will have to read the book for yourself as this is a spoiler.

This is the final book in the series. The three woman who were brought together by tragedy, a shipwreck, founded a school to help the children of the sailors lost, and then other girls who would not normally receive an education. Brina’s two friends find their HEA as does Brina in this story. It is a HEA that Brina was not expecting.

Even though Zane thinks he was in control, it was actually Brina who held the upper hand in the relationship. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable series with some unique woman and their ability to work within the society and system in which they lived.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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