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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Aug 2021

9 August 2021

Bailey Bradford kicks off with the next in her Intrinsic Values series, Antiques, and we step back to Saxon times in Godsend to get this month off to an exciting start. An FF romance in Love Burns sees a single mom and her kids’ nanny learning the hard way, together, and Landry and Gage in The Gilded Mirror are working hard together to solve the puzzles in their lives, too. Career versus love is the challenge presented in Tomorrow’s Hero and that brings this month to a close. And finally, we throw you back to 1912 on RMS Titanic in The Depth of Times early next month!

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Here’s what we have releasing over the next few weeks …

10 August

Antiques by Bailey Bradford (Intrinsic Values #2). Since rebuilding his life, Elliot Douglas has led a quiet existence until he meets Detective Andrew Harrington. Scotland Yard detective, Drew lives by compartmentalising, focusing on his work and, as a Dom, enjoying BDSM sex as a stress relief. On the track of stolen paintings, he’s distracted from the case by an infuriatingly handsome antiques trader who’s not as predictable or fuddy-duddy as he wants the world to think.

Godsend by Elvira Bell. When young Saxon Elric is sold to Norse slave traders, he thinks that his life is over. Two of the warriors are different, though—Ari and Vidar have been lovers for years, but they have to sneak away whenever they want to be together. Ari feels that something is lacking, and Elric’s arrival gives him an idea—what if they invited Elric to join them in bed?

17 August

Love Burns by Adrian J Smith. Kim Burns, her stage name—is a celebrity chef whose career is taking off. As a single mom who has a penchant for being a bit of a bitch, she goes through nannies like the flavour of the month until Becca Kline is sent to her by Kiddie Academy. Neither Kimberly nor Becca are prepared for the changes headed toward them, and they both have to learn the hard way that love doesn’t wait or discriminate.

24 August

The Gilded Mirror by LM Somerton (Treasure Trove Antiques #2). When Landry Carran buys an antique mirror from a pop-up flea market, he doesn’t expect it to set him on a treasure hunt originating in the Second World War. Landry’s partner and Dom, Detective Gage Roskam, has his own problems handling a money-laundering case. Landry and Roskam must juggle work, friendships and their relationship to solve both puzzles—it’ll be a miracle if nothing gets broken along the way.

31 August

Tomorrow’s Hero by Thom Collins (Success #2). On the surface, international football star Fernando Inglesias has the perfect life—his dream career, fame, wealth and a beautiful girlfriend on his arm. Fernando has a secret he will never share—there are no openly gay male footballers in the professional league, and he has no intention of becoming the first. Can Fernando risk his career for the sake of loving another man?

7 September

The Depths of Time by Lori Fayre. On the one-hundred-year anniversary of the voyage of the RMS Titanic, Lucas Thompson is drawn to the ship’s resting place by a strange sonar ripple that hurtles him back to the year 1912 as a passenger on the grandest ship in the world. It’s there that he meets Quinton Hawthorne and things quickly fall apart as Luke begins to fall for Quinton, knowing that it can only end in heartbreak—should he save the ship or allow destiny to play out?

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