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Guest blogger: Nancy Lee Badger

8 August 2021

The Duke’s Diamond, a treasure tale

Once upon a time, while I was reading an article about famous gems, I discovered a treasure associated with the Hope Diamond. The mentioned stone, a blue diamond that flashed red under certain conditions, was originally mined in India and called The Tavernier Blue. It made its way into the possession of King Louis XIV, but disappeared around 1791. Stolen, the rumours say. Le bleu de France or The French Blue as I call it in my Treasure Tales series, is famous, or should I say infamous. Supposedly, it had been cut into three chunks.

Some say the Hope Diamond is one of those chunks. Since the originally mentioned blue gem disappeared in 1791 and my stories take place in 1816–1817, I took the liberty of hiding all three stones. In The Earl’s Treasure, released last December, the first stone is found hidden by a dead man in a barn. In The Duke’s Diamond, the second stone is hidden … well, you will have to read the book to find out!

Placing an earl, and now a duke, in peril during a treasure hunt came to me quickly, but the books themselves took time to write. A pandemic did not slow me down, but caring for my health and those of my family were tough. With luck, readers will check out the novella Love, Hamish whose characters are mentioned in both of my full-length novels, especially a big, red, hairy Highland bull. The Duke’s Diamond is my 40th published book and I hope its plot, characters, and locations in England and Scotland keep readers amused and entertained.

Nancy Lee Badger grew up in Huntington on New York’s Long Island. After attending Plymouth State, in New Hampshire, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree and met and married her college sweetheart. They raised two handsome sons in Rumney, New Hampshire, while she dreamed of being a writer. When the children had left the nest, and shovelling snow became a chore, she retired from her satisfying job as a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher and moved to North Carolina, where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers, and the Triangle Association of Freelancers. She finds story ideas in the most unusual places.

You can find Nancy here: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | BookBub

The Duke’s Diamond

Payton Hartwell, the Earl of Bellmeer, is on a quest to return signet rings to various less-than-noble men whom a dead man had blackmailed. Instead, he walks into his own kidnapping. Separated from his cousin and friend, and finding himself alone with his kidnapper’s Scottish stepsister, his travels take on a serious tone. Saving her from Viscount Manning’s despicable plans, as well as Payton’s possible murder, takes a turn during a costume ball.

Tara Scott cannot believe her stepbrother kidnapped a nobleman and tied him up in his country manor’s barn. She saves Payton from the bitter cold and starvation, then is punished by an irate Viscount Manning. When Payton helps her escape, they find themselves on a journey into Scotland that is filled with ruffians, a Highland bull, wild weather, and a sexual awakening that surprises them both. Back in England at a New Year’s ball and the second discovery of a huge blue diamond comes to a head when the viscount and his men attack. It will take Payton, Tara, and all his friends to thwart a man set on vengeance and treasure.

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    8 August 2021 10:11 am

    Love all of Nancy Lee Badgers books!

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