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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Aug 2021

2 August 2021

There is plenty of action in the books offered this month with serial killers running amok, celeb gossip mills, devils and paranormals, let alone a hot stud. Skiing lessons steamy enough to melt the frigid mountain and mysteries to captivate you or have you running for your life. Enough to keep your heartbeat racing whilst turning the pages!

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Here’s what’s coming up in August …

3 August

In a Devil Bind by Makayla Roberts (#2 The Lucifer Brothers series). With a serial killer on the loose and her carnal needs spiralling out of control, the last thing Detective Cheyenne Wilcox needs is to be deterred. As her cursed fate would have it, she winds up drugged with a spell that prevents her from moving more than six feet away from none other than Thorne Lucifer. There’s a fine line between lust and love, but for the first time in his life, Thorne is leaning more toward the latter.

The Art of Getting Off by Alexandra Alan. Sign up for skiing lessons, they said. It’s taken one month for Kalie Bowen to realise she hates bruising both her ass and her ego on top of a frigid mountain. It’s taken her less than a month to develop a colossal crush on her skiing instructor, Dex McCann. Kalie finds that Dex is very happy to teach her the art of getting off—even when there’s no ski lift involved.

10 August

The Role by AB Wilson (#1 The Shellenberg Brothers). When Markus is introduced to the director’s muse and the show’s on-location assistant producer, Alina, sparks start to fly. As life begins to imitate art, Markus and Alina get ground to dust by the celeb gossip mill but if they can survive it and save the show, they’ll be the next Hollywood power couple.

Held for the Stud by Vonna Harper. One look at the big, half-wild stallion and Asha vows to ride him. One look at the beautiful stranger sneaking toward his newly acquired stud and Banner vows to teach her that he’s in control. Asha loathes the man who brings her, naked, to her knees, but her body isn’t listening.

17 August

Wicked Secrets by Angela Addams (#3 Wicked Distractions series). Lexi Monroe, one of Sabine Cowan’s most valued Kitty Cats, is set to retire from Cowan Enterprises, but she stumbles on a secret that could change Sabine’s world forever. She enlists the help of hard-hitting, investigative reporter Sam Henderson to get to the bottom of things. Their chemistry is explosive, and in the process of uncovering the whole story, Sam and Lexi delve into their own dark secrets.

Under Control by Zoe Normandie (#1 Unbreakable Heroes series). All she’s ever done is run. She’s had no choice. It’s just run or die. But then everything changed. He showed up. What she feels for him seems dangerous. She may have no choice but to run again—if it’s not too late—because she’s realized that her heart is firmly under his control.

24 August

Sarah’s Secret by Katherine E Hunt (#3 Mended Hearts series). As is customary for the widows on the street, she has been invited to join The Winchester Widows Sex Club. But Sarah has a secret. Her name’s actually Beth, she’s in hiding—with some not-very-nice people on her tail—and she’s not even a widow. But the hitman is still out there, and Paul, a law student of a nervous disposition, is not exactly ready for a life on the run.

Hawk by Amber Malloy (#3 Perfect Stats series). Tech Guru Lexi Waters needs to snatch her company out of the grasp of her greedy ex-husband. The only problem is the restraining order that keeps her away from the business she built from the ground up. The last thing she needs to deal with is a pushy, arrogant professional hockey player—Hawthorne Maze, aka Hawk.

31 August

Two Different Sides by LA Tavares (#2 Consistently Inconsistent series). Blake Mathews is out of luck. The music, the fame, the love of his life … Blake thought things couldn’t get any worse, but he lost that bet too. Someone from his past shows up after a decade of silence with new information about who Blake is, where he came from and the fact that he has family who is closer than he thinks.

Serving the Wicked by Wendi Zwaduk (#3 The Refuge series). Raine can’t remember time before the darkness. She’s a human in a paranormal world where humans are a commodity, not people, and she’s been abused by the vampires. When she ends up at the slave auction, she fears her nightmare will never end. Enter Casey.

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