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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Jul 2021

8 July 2021

We are bringing you our Sun, Sea and … Summer Collection—perfect reading for the beach or at least dreaming of warmer days! Later in the month we have The Drumbeat of His Heart from new-to-Pride author MC Roth and turn to a Dark Summer in the company of a few vampires by SJ Coles. To top this month off we will return to Cedarwood with Megan Slayer and look forward to another new author to Pride Publishing with The Billionaire and the Escort tale from Evelyn Mahoney in early August. Plenty to keep you entertained!

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Here’s what we have releasing over the next few weeks …

13 July

Sun, Sea and Spotted Squid by Kristian Parker (Sun, Sea and … Summer Collection). University graduate Sam is looking forward to a summer internship at Valencia’s world-famous Oceanogràfic Aquarium, but it’s fellow intern and flatmate Wolf who captures his interest. He sets his sights on cracking Wolfgang’s shell … Can Sam help Wolfgang find the strength to be true to himself and his desires, or will their relationship be like the squid they’re seeking and plummet to the depths of the seabed when summer’s over?

Sun, Sea and TV by Alyssa Rabil (Sun, Sea and … Summer Collection). Taylor is an actor on a show called According to Us and Everett is one of his co stars. After someone finds out about their feelings for each other, Taylor and Everett take to the sea for an adventure. They must learn to navigate the waters of their new relationship and survive a potentially deadly storm before finding true happiness.

20 July

The Drumbeat of His Heart by MC Roth. When Trent is almost hit by a swerving Corvette, he has no idea that the driver will change his life forever. Freezing cold and soaked, Trent pulls the strikingly attractive Ian from the wreckage—he is everything Trent has been looking for. There is, however, more to Ian than his physical attributes, and his secrets may well tear their hearts to pieces—or transform their desires into something more.

27 July

Dark Summer by SJ Coles. The tumultuous events of the Blood Winter are a fading nightmare, and Alec and Terje are trying to build a life together at Alec’s newly restored ancestral home of Glenroe. There’s just one problem … Terje doesn’t appear to be committed, so when an old uni friend, Jay Singh, recently out of the closet and looking rather too good to be true, returns to Alec’s life, he becomes more conflicted than ever. Can Alec figure out what kind of future is possible with a vampire before it’s too late?

Starting Over in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer. Shaun Fallows came to Cedarwood to start over. He wants to be done with dating, but the moment he sees Kevin, the sparks are off the charts. Kevin wants a boyfriend who isn’t put off by his pet cat, Leo. Shaun sure seems to fit the bill but is he just another man or the love Kevin’s been waiting for?

3 August

The Billionaire and the Escort by Evelyn Mahoney. When Josh Roberts became a male escort, there was no room for emotions. How on earth is he supposed to say no to the money, the gifts and the opportunities—especially once he starts falling for his client, James Barnwell the successful CEO of Winter Luxury Resorts. For James, having someone by his side would just weigh him down—or so he thinks, until he finds himself caring deeply for the man he pays for companionship, and it completely changes his world.

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