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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jul 2021

1 July 2021

The first half of July is full of escapism as we hit the beach with the Sun, Sea and … collection! Four burning hot stories full of summer lovin’. Later in the month, there’s something for everyone—whether it’s a trip to space, a small town with killer secrets or a couple pushing the limits of their BDSM relationship.

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Here’s what’s coming up in July …

6 July

Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes by Zoe Allison. Scientist Nina is used to caution and deliberation, which all falls by the wayside when she arrives in Ibiza to accompany her pop star friend Isla. Nina soon finds herself caught between two men—can this be a summer to remember?

Sun, Sea and Sinful Delights by Jayce Carter. Jennifer regularly rents out her beach house to guests, and when Lucas, Shane and Brandon show up, she thinks it’s just another booking. In fact, these men are there to heal their heartbreak, but maybe they can take one more chance. Can Jennifer choose between the approval of her family and a life with three men who make her truly happy?

13 July

Sun, Sea and Satisfaction Guaranteed by Hannah Murray. The last place Clio wants to be is on a family cruise, but the whole family has agreed. What she hasn’t counted on is the attendance of her great-aunt’s new husband, and his son. Maybe the cruise will be more exciting than she’d thought?

Sun, Sea and Surprises by Larissa Vine. Tessa couldn’t be more excited to be a bridesmaid at a destination wedding in Thailand, she just wants to do a little exercise to feel her best in the dress. Josh jumps at the chance to coach Tessa—but he’s inherited a slobbery dog that puts a spanner in the works. Can Tessa and Josh make this a summer of love?

20 July

A Mercenary to Love by Landra Graf (Bad Boys of Space #4). Sampson and Zasha have tried at a relationship before, but it led to betrayal and heartache. Now thrust together again, hoping to save a kidnapped child, can the two put their past behind them?

These Small Hours by Gloria Herrmann. Faced with writer’s block for the first time, bestselling author Charley heads to a small town to get herself together and search for her muse. Instead, she soon finds herself in a crime scene, as a copycat killer re-enacts scenes from her bestsellers. Can Charley and Detective Nick catch the killer?

27 July

Sharing His Submissive by Hannah Murray (Perfect Taboo #2). Nick is committed to fulfilling Rebecca’s desires and pushing her boundaries, and when she becomes curious about Nick sharing her with another Dom, he knows just who to choose. Nick and Cade have teamed up before—can they give Rebecca a night she’ll never forget?

Red Rock Romance by Jane Colt. Native American archaeology student Cat is on a mission to prove the existence of her ancestral tribe, with help from her professor, Colin. But mistaken identities, smugglers and theft are all obstacles along the way. Can the two find the tribe, and themselves, with each other?

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