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Guest blogger: Cynthia Terelst

27 June 2021

I’m sometimes known as a rebel because I like to speak my mind and I don’t follow the crowd. On my first day of year 12 many, many moons ago I turned up to school with bright pink hair. Back then coloured hair was practically unheard of, unless you were a punk. I wasn’t a punk, but I liked to push the boundaries. I wouldn’t say that my writing pushes boundaries, but I do have some unconventional ways of doing things.

The first unconventional thing is coming up with my title before writing the actual novel. My titles are animal sayings and the plot revolves around those sayings. My next release on 30 June is Down the Rabbit Hole (preorder is available). In it we find Luke, the main male character, finding himself in a problematic situation when he agrees to do something he shouldn’t and he finds himself falling deeper into that hole as the novel proceeds.

As well as the plot revolving around the sayings, I incorporate the animals in the titles into the book. Sometimes they have big parts and other times they have small ones, but they are all significant in some way. In Down the Rabbit Hole we have a baby rabbit named Shorty. The character of Shorty was inspired by a baby hare my daughter rescued. She lives on a big property and one day while a staff member was mowing she ran over little Shorty. My daughter is a sucker for all animals and they turned the care of Shorty over to her.

Remember that rebel thing? I extend that to the tropes I’m writing as well. In Down the Rabbit Hole we have friends-to-lovers and small-town romance. This small town is unlike others most authors write about. Usually small towns have their quirks and news travels fast, but they are lovely little places that give off warmth. In Alma, the people within it are not very nice. In fact, we could almost call them hateful. Unlike most of my novels, this town is completely made up. My conscience would not allow me to base it on an actual town.

But one thing I am never a rebel about is the happy-ever-after endings in my novels. Readers often say that my books leave them feeling hopeful, warm and fuzzy. And that is something I am proud of and will never compromise on.

You can find Cynthia here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Down the Rabbit Hole

Love and secrets are a tricky combination

For Emily, going home isn’t easy, especially when her small town never felt like home in the first place. She escaped Alma seven years ago when she went to university, but now her estranged father needs her help. At least returning means spending time with the only good thing in town—her best friend, Luke.

Luke always knew Emily needed to be free of their hometown, so he withheld his true feelings. Even though she has returned, he knows she will never stay. He tries hard to respect the boundaries of their friendship, but every moment they spend together makes it harder to deny their connection. Self-control dissipates. One kiss turns into two…

But is Luke really the man Emily remembers? When Emily discovers Luke has betrayed her trust, they could lose the most precious thing of all—each other.

**This is a standalone romance with medium heat**

Available for preorder here.


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