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Feature book: Mia

23 June 2021

Mia by Fiona McArthur

Subgenre: medical romance
Release date: 30 Dec 2020
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 264 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $32.34 (print)

As we continue through the Lyrebird Lake series, we meet Mia who has moved to Lyrebird Lake at the request of her friend to join the birth centre. Mia was keen to move as she feels she has made a mess of her personal life. As she says, she is on a break from her engagement. The man she wanted to marry was using her to look after him, cheated on her and gives her money to terminate her pregnancy (note her pregnancy).

At the lake she meets Angus Campbell. Angus is Ned’s son. He has returned after twenty years when Ned is about to marry Louisa (Ned is the local doctor and Louisa has been his housekeeper all those years). Angus returns with his own son. A son he did not know existed. His back story is that the woman he loved, left for Brisbane with him and when she went back home for a visit, she told Angus the baby was stillborn. Angus then went on to become a doctor and has since headed disaster relief across the world.

When Mia meets Angus, she has a feeling. Then the conversations become awkward but she is blunt with her questions which surprises him. He is not convinced about home births until he observes one. As a doctor he is able to see the other side. Angus has feelings but still isn’t sure what those feelings are as he feels that he will let her down. He is also trying to come to terms with his grown up son.

Then Mia falls down a mine shaft and everything changes for Angus. Well almost. He is still wanting to leave, again as he feels that he will let Mia down. Then he makes a realisation, and Mia will be his forever.

There are many things I am enjoying about this series. Firstly, the gentle nature of the characters and the stories. The women are progressive in midwifery but are very caring about their charges and the people around them. Secondly, the couples know almost instantly they find the other attractive and there is the requisite angst between the couples. Thirdly, I get to meet the other characters and have a glimpse into their lives after their story has been told. Fourthly, I am learning some things about midwifery and the care of babies. A bonus on all four counts!

It goes without saying that Angus and Mia are suited to each other. And the lyrebird also knows that this is the case. As I said earlier, the couples are gentle but real.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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