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Release day: The Night That Changed Everything

16 June 2021

Today is the official release of The Night That Changed Everything by Helen Lacey (The Culhanes of Cedar River #5) (ebook and paperback, Harlequin Special Edition). Here’s the blurb:

Cover image of The Night That Changed Everything by Helen LaceyHe vowed to always be there for her…

But not as her husband!

Winona Sheehan and Grant Culhane have been BFFs since childhood. So when Winona’s sort-of boyfriend ditches their ill-advised Vegas wedding, Grant is there…with his sexy smiles and way too much consolation! Suddenly, Winona trades one groom for another—and Grant’s baby is on the way. With buddy boundaries crossed and a years’ long secret crush fulfilled, Winona wonders if her husband is ready for a family … or firmly in the friend zone.

Helen dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

I’ve always enjoyed the friends-to-lovers type of stories. When Harry Met Sally. Definitely, Maybe. Some Kind of Wonderful. There’s something sweet and a little sentimental about best friends discovering they have fallen in love. In my latest Culhanes of Cedar River book from Harlequin Special Edition, The Night That Changed Everything, Grant and Winona have been BFFs since they were kids and definitely didn’t see the status of their relationship changing anytime soon. Or did they? I’d like to think that even without an AWOL fiancé, too many tequila shots and a Vegas all-night chapel, they would have still managed to find their way to one another eventually. I hope you enjoy The Night That Changed Everything. Happy reading!

You can find out more about this book at Helen’s website or buy it from Amazon.

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    Congratulations Helen!

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