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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jun 2021

1 June 2021

June is here, and with it a whole host of books from Totally Bound Publishing. We start the month tied up in knots with two BDSM titles, and continue with ghosts, demons, a black ops agency and more men than we can count! Choose your next book boyfriend—or four!—and your adventure. Will you join the Covington Heights Crew, raise Hell with Ava, or escape the cartel with the help of Galaxy?

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Here’s what’s coming up in June …

1 June

The Shame Game by Hannah Murray (Perfect Taboo #1). A burning hot story about James and Amanda, an established couple who have always enjoyed kink but now find themselves exploring humiliation play. Is their love strong enough for this new journey?

Bound to Remember by Alexandra Alan. Annie’s ten years out of high school but she still holds fond memories of her childhood crush, Nick. When they run into each other at a concert, they immediately reconnect. But Annie has discovered a love of bondage—can Nick be the one to help her explore her passion?

8 June

The Ghost Hunter and Her Guy by Larissa Vine (Women on Top #4). Medium Jolene has an exciting new job as a psychic on a television show, and the director Red is smoking hot. The ghost hunting soon turns dangerous as vengeful ghosts try to break through. Can Jolene protect Red?

Hell Raising and Other Pastimes by Jayce Carter (Grave Concerns #2). In this paranormal reverse harem romance, we see Ava sucked into hell at Lucifer’s demand. Can she survive hell, find out the truth about missing spirits, and somehow not fall in love with the four impossibly sexy men who’ve taken over her life?

15 June

Supernova by Desiree Holt (Galaxy #3). Mallory is in a tough spot, trapped in the clutches of a cartel, and it’s up to Galaxy, and Rocket, to save her. The moment they reconnect, sparks fly, but they have a dangerous journey ahead of them to safety. Can they survive long enough to give in to the passion flaring between them?

Midsummer Man by Zelah Roberts. Holly is set on independence, self-reliance and is not interested in alpha males. Billionaire Mac, whose fiancée betrayed him and sister was kidnapped, is overpowered by his ultra-protective instincts. The two shouldn’t be a match, but the magic of Midsummer is at work.

22 June

Kendra’s Keeper by Katherine E Hunt (Mended Hearts #2). Kendra is happy with the life she’s built after the loss of her husband. She has frequent company without getting attached, and it’s just the way she likes it. But when her childhood sweetheart turns up at her door, Kendra’s attachment-free life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Revealed by Zoe Allison. In this sequel to Impervious, Valentino and Victoria must investigate a malevolent campaign that is destroying humankind, but they both have secrets that could threaten their partnership. Can they unravel the mystery, and will the secrets be revealed?

29 June

Lie by Deana Birch (The Covington Heights Crew #3). Anton and Samantha are thrown together in Covington Heights. A bullet has taken everything from Anton—his crew, the loyalty of his friends, his livelihood—he’s the perfect storm of defiance and defeat. Samantha is a damn good liar, but can they find their way out of the web of lies they’ve created?

The Glass Demon by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead (The de Chastelaine Chronicles #2). Cecily and Raf arrive at Raf’s ancestral home to begin their engagement, looking forward to a happy life together. It’s not long before trouble arrives, though. A demon made of glass shatters the peace of their idyllic village, and it’s up to Cecily and Raf to unite the community and defeat the demon.

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