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Guest blogger: Davina Stone

23 May 2021

Why rom/coms are more than a good laugh

Since COVID the popularity of rom/coms has skyrocketed. Hardly surprising considering when times are tough we often look for some fun escapism. But there’s more to a great rom/com than having a chuckle. The best rom/coms have the capacity to make us laugh, cry and turn the final page with a happy sigh.

And I guess that’s the reasons I write them. I’ve tried to write in other genres; romantic suspense, historical and even dabbled my pen into paranormal, but the stories I am always drawn back to writing, the ones I now publish, are rom/coms.

It follows that I am also an avid reader of rom/coms. (Amy Andrews, Talia Hibbert, Sophie Kinsella and Mhairi Macfarlane are just a few of my go-tos).

I also have a stash of favourite rom/com movies for those days that need a touch more sunshine. Force me to name three favourites, and they would be The Proposal, Love, Actually and Sweet Home Alabama, but please don’t hold me to that … the list will change with my mood.

For me, a great rom/com combines pathos and humour. Like the iconic image of the theatre masks, one laughing, the other peering out from behind and crying, the power of rom/coms often lies in their ability to combine sad or even tragic events with a good dose of humour.

In my rom/com series, The Laws of Love, every character must overcome major life challenges. Bookworm Alice in The Alice Equation suffers social anxiety and panic attacks. Aaron, her love interest, has unresolved grief. In The Polly Principle, post-traumatic stress disorder plays a part in the unfolding of Polly’s love story with Solo Jakoby. And in my current work in progress, soft-hearted Carter ‘Carts’ struggles to overcome how being bullied as a kid has affected his ability to believe he deserves love. (A Kiss for Carter will release in mid-2021.)

One of my favourite rom/coms is a novel called Glitterland. Clinically depressed, failed writer Ash Winters lurches from one life disaster to another until he meets the chirpy, totally irrepressible Darian Taylor, a male model from Essex. In this utterly heart-warming, sexy and hilarious M/M romance by Alexis Hall, I found myself literally crying and laughing on every page.

The perfect combination.

Of course, we read rom/coms for light relief and those wonderful laugh-out-loud moments, but in the end what I believe we relate to most is the transformation that takes place in the characters—from heart-broken to whole-hearted.

And because we’re reading a rom/com, we can take the tragedy and the comedy in equal measure and relax, knowing that it’s all going to end happily ever after.

Now that is something worth smiling about!

Davina Stone writes stories about flawed but lovable characters who get it horribly wrong before they finally get it right. They also kiss a fair bit on the way to happily ever after.

When not writing she can be found chasing kangaroos off her veggie patch, dodging snakes and even staring down the odd crocodile. But despite her many adventures, in her heart, she still believes that a nice cup of tea fixes most problems—and, of course, that true love conquers all.

Find Davina here: Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Alice Equation

When playboy lawyer Aaron Blake needs a fake date to land a new job, who could be more suitable than his bookish friend Alice? Little does he know that Alice has been madly in love with him since uni. With the help of her saucy best-friend, Polly, she concocts a plan that’s sure to knock Aaron’s socks off. But when Aaron finds himself falling for his fake date and Alice uncovers her inner sex goddess, his best laid plans start to unravel. Add in a cast of quirky friends and family and things are set to get messy on the path to true love. You can find out more about The Alice Equation and Davina’s other books on her website.


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