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Feature book: Strong, Silent Cowboy

12 May 2021

Strong, Silent Cowboy by Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick

Series: Moving Violations #2
Subgenre: western romance
Release date: 9 Mar 2021
Publisher: St Martin’s
Format: ebook and print
Length: 304 pages
RRP: $7.85 (ebook); $17.50 (print)

There is something vaguely familiar about this woman. The woman he wants more than anything.

Sallie knows him. She also knew him by another name when they had the explosive weekend in Switzerland many years ago. But he has not acknowledged her in any way. Jacob Donovan is the man in town most sought after by the single women. He doesn’t really care about what they think of him.

Then one night, in the bar, he approaches. On the way to her place, they cannot wait as the chemistry is explosive. Sallie and Jacob cannot get enough of each other and wonder when the next opportunity is to be together.

The whole town becomes involved when Sallie appears with her neck almost savaged by her night with Jacob. Jacob also has been marked by Sallie. Jacob is also questioned by his grandmother as she wants to meet Sallie and for him to have grand babies she can cuddle.

Sallie is always on alert in case she has to run again. There have been a few times when she has been the target of an attack. When she is with Jacob, she feels less fear. Then one night the attacker finds her, and Jacob is there to save her and her friend. It is then that the whole story comes out.

As it turns out, Jacob has forgotten the week in Switzerland due to an explosion. A work accident. It does happen from time to time when one is a spy. The attack on Sallie turns into a full-blown battle for their lives.

What can I say but ‘wow’. I have always enjoyed Ms Leigh’s stories and while it has been a while since I read one, it was a treat to read this one. The story really showed the explosive chemistry between Jacob and Sallie. It really leaps off the page. It feels like this couple is ready to combust so hot is the sex. When the spy action is added, the story moves at a pace and is really a page turner.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was sent by the publisher.

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