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Guest blogger: Jeffe Kennedy

25 April 2021

The heroine of my new release, The Sorceress Queen and the Pirate Rogue, is an empath and healer, as well as having the ability to wield magic. I knew this coming into the book, because Stella had appeared as a child in a previous series. When I discovered her abilities then, I didn’t give that much thought to the consequences of her being an empath, except how it affected her as a sensitive child.

When it came to writing her book, however, I came to realise what a double-edged sword empathy can be—and also how much being a sensitive introvert in today’s world can feel much the same.

While Stella enjoys the companionship of her friends and family, too much exposure to a lot of people can be overwhelming for her. She really hates crowds, and balls and parties simply aren’t that much fun for her. Her twin brother is the crown prince, so she endures formal events for his sake, but when she can, Stella is always the first to escape to the quiet privacy of her own room.

Sound familiar?

I was surprised to find how much I had in common with Stella. Much as I enjoy the conviviality of conventions, I need that silence and alone time ‘introverting’ in my room to recover. Sometimes dancing at the ball is great fun, other times nothing can make me want to enter the crush of people. I greatly amused myself by giving Stella a literal potted palm to lurk behind in the castle ballroom.

For Stella it goes farther—because her empathy is part of her being a sorceress, physical touch is nearly unbearable to her. Touching someone makes her that much more permeable to their thoughts and emotions. That makes her prospects for ever having a lover unlikely. Until the right person comes along!

Finding the perfect person to interface with Stella’s sensitivity made for a delicious story to write. She needed someone to harmonise with her, to be careful of her without treating her as fragile.

After all, introverts do just fine—so long as we have adequate recovery time. Maybe we’re all empaths, making our way through a too-loud world.

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The Sorceress Queen and the Pirate Rogue

A Lonely Road

Stella has always been one to count her blessings. Empath, sorceress, shapeshifter, and healer, she’s grateful for the gifts the goddess of shadows has bestowed upon her. Yes, she’s sensitive to emotions and can’t bear to be in large crowds for long. And yes, that means she’ll never be able to take a lover as she’s unable to withstand physical contact with anyone but her twin brother. Certainly now that he’s found his true love, she feels more alone than ever. None of it haunts her, however, like the vision of the lonely tower where her life path ends.

An Unrequited Love

Jakral Konyngrr is a man of simple tastes: good whiskey, some coin in his pocket, and a fine blade in his hand. Though he’s no prince, not a shapeshifter, and not blessed with any magic, he’s happy in his skin. And yet he seems doomed to live the life of a hero from a tragic ballad, because the only woman he’s ever wanted barely knows he’s alive. As much as Jak longs for Stella, he’s resigned himself to being forever in the background. At least he can guard her back.

A Quest to Stop a Monster

But now Jak and Stella have been thrown together—along with a mismatched group of shifters, warriors, and sorceress friends—chasing and attempting to avert magic rifts that release monsters into their world. Worse, the strange intelligence behind the bizarre and deadly attacks seems to have developed a fascination for Stella. Battling for their lives and the good of the realm, they must fight—and perhaps love—together to alter the course of the future before it’s too late.


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