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Feature book: The Nurse’s Pregnancy Miracle

21 April 2021

The Nurse’s Pregnancy Miracle by Ann McIntosh

Nychelle Cory works at Fort Lauderdale’s general care clinic to assist her achieve the goals listed in ‘the Plan’ she has set for her life. Despite enjoying working amid chaos in low-cost clinics, this nursing position will boost her finances and help her to become a mum through artificial insemination. After swearing off men, technology seems the only way to motherhood. However, colleague Doctor David Warrington unsettles her. He’s been nicknamed ‘Doctor Heat’ by the female staff and suddenly he always seems to be close. Nychelle’s defences against the physical attraction she feels for him are melting. 

David grew up in poverty and relied on charity to help his family survive. Despite becoming a doctor, he still feels the impact of his childhood on his behaviour. A growing attraction to nurse practitioner, Nychelle, is also becoming a complication he could do without. He has a great rapport with his paediatric patients but being a father is something he has decided against. On the tenth anniversary of an event that still haunts him, he agrees to offers to escort Nychelle to the charity gala that her mother has been pressuring her to attend.

David is surprised to discover that her parents don’t believe she is fulfilling her potential and he starts trying to defend her. Nychelle leaves the gala upset at the ongoing poor treatment from her parents and when David tries to comfort her, they kiss. Suddenly he’s thinking about Nychelle and a long-term relationship which soon leads to them making love just after she receives good news.

They continue to spend time together away from work and a strong bond forms between them. After making love again, they admit their secrets. Is a relationship still a possibility? This book was published in August 2018 but is still accessible as an e-book. It’s worth going the extra mile to find this story which starts slowly but soon speeds up. You will be cheering for both David and Nychelle soon after meeting them. This story is an easy read when you want to unwind or just remind yourself of the positive things in life.

Reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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