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Guest blogger: Megan Mayfair

11 April 2021

The mystery of love

I’m currently working on something new—a fresh series I’m looking forward to sharing with readers a little later this year. It’s been a project that has been on my mind for a while, and something where I’m bringing two of my favourite genres together: mystery and romance.

While there is so much that solving a crime and falling in love don’t appear to have in common, I think there is something about blending the two genres that works so well on the page.

I’ve always read mysteries. As a child anything with a twist and a turn and a baffling puzzle had me zipping through the pages—Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, the Enid Blyton mystery series to name a few. As a teenager, I tore through the Sherlock Holmes series, moved into true crime non-fiction and still love settling down with a good cosy mystery and a hot cup of tea. My most recent obsession has been the Jackman and Evans series by Joy Ellis (narrated to perfection on audiobook by Mr Caramel-Voice, Richard Armitage).

I especially love it when mystery meets romance. Perhaps some unresolved off-the-charts chemistry between a couple of detectives. A dangerous frisson between a possible suspect and an investigator. A sensible and smart love interest for the battle-wary, hardened detective who is fighting an unjust system.

Or perhaps simply two ordinary people thrown together over a baffling puzzle, who as they unravel the mystery, find themselves falling in love amid the chaos.

I’ve always particularly loved the idea of ‘ordinary’ people solving crimes in their ‘spare time’. It was pretty much a childhood ambition of mine, to stumble upon some sort of mystery in my day-to-day world and solve it, bringing together all the pieces of a puzzle that had seemingly been missed by police and investigators.

Alas, after many decades, this has yet to happen to me. The biggest mysteries I tend to investigate in my own life are why the paper is always jamming in the office photocopier, what happened to my kids’ school socks when they went into the washing machine as a pair yet somehow emerge solo, and who keeps on messing with the central heating temperature at home (hint, I suspect Mr M for that one).

Hence, I decided to invent a few mysteries for my characters to solve. However, there is little chance that I’d leave out a romance for my characters to navigate as well. For me, I love the balance of light and shadow in blending together mystery and romance. Mystery and intrigue played out against a beautiful, budding romance. Clues that lead to the solving of a complex mystery, but also deepen the bond of two people. A terrifying moment where heroes and heroines can save each other, and realise how much is at stake.

As I enjoy plotting out this series and fine-tuning it, I’d love your views on all things romantic suspense. What hooks you into a romantic suspense story, or mystery novel with a central romance? Do you love both the mystery and romance plotlines equally? Who are some of your favourite couples who have bonded over a baffling crime or mystery?

Megan Mayfair writes fiction with a dash of intrigue, a sprinkling of humour and a spoonful of romance. And a lot of heart.

Her series include The Tangled Vines Saga and The Café Chronicles. Tangled Vines won the 2019 Romance Writers of Australia Ruby (Romantic Book of the Year) Award in the romantic elements category.

Megan lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and three young children, and works in public relations. When not writing fiction or press releases, she enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee, and searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

You can find Megan here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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