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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Apr 2021

1 April 2021

We’re celebrating Spring this month with our Love’s Bloom collection; three stories celebrating the flush of love. Later in the month, we kick off a brand-new reverse harem series from bestselling author Jayce Carter and revisit our favourite circus, Arcanium. There’s a top-secret science project, handymen ready to fix all our problems, and a chilling thriller from David M Salkin.

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Here’s what’s coming up in April …

6 April

Second Chance at First Love by Zoe Allison (Love’s Bloom Spring Collection). Old school friends Eva and Damon are thrown back together after years apart—both fresh out of relationships and adjusting to their new lives. Eva is holding onto trauma she won’t share, even as Damon tries to break down her walls. Can these former friends find a new love?

Dear Elliot by P Stormcrow (Love’s Bloom Spring Collection). A fresh start is on order for Emma and Elliot. Emma is far too busy to deal with the childhood crush who once ghosted her, but when Elliot walks back into her life the pair are forced to spill their secrets.

The Daisy Chain by Raven McAllan (Love’s Bloom Spring Collection). Daisy has a choice—stick to a quiet, boring life or take a chance. She’s ditched her loser boyfriend and is ready to celebrate her best friend’s wedding, but the best man is a handful and she’s not sure he’s worth the risk. Can Callum convince her to take a leap into the unknown?

13 April

Synapse Nine by Eilis Muir (Deep Mesa #1). Elana has spent her life denying her special abilities, but all that changes when she’s recruited into a top-secret project. Dr Cameron Graeme is heading the project, and the two battle their mutual desire as they focus on the work. But something more powerful has a different plan for the pair.

20 April

A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo (Handymen #3). Nick needs a change—he’s ready to step away from the Handymen show, but there’s one project left to complete. Widowed Claire runs a struggling cat sanctuary in dire need of renovation. They start out as friends, neither ready for a commitment, but their deepening connection is impossible to deny.

Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies by Jayce Carter (Grave Concerns #1). A paranormal reverse harem from bestselling author Jayce Carter. Ava talks to spirits, a skill that sees her digging up a body at the behest of the local vampire coven. She has her hands full with a vamp, mage, werewolf detective and Hunter, who isn’t even close to human.

27 April

Illusion by Aurelia T Evans (Arcanium #11). Arcanium’s greatest illusion is that there’s any illusion at all. We’re back at our favourite circus for the final time, and Bell’s old flame returns offering an alliance. Maya is back too—Bell knows she’s happiest without him and the memories of him, but can he resist her?

Blood from a Stone by David M Salkin. Special Forces veteran Cory moves to a new house on Harker’s Island with his new love Amanda. But Cory is soon dragged deep into the history of the house and the mystery that surrounds it. When the person at the centre of the mystery is the future President of the United States, Cory and Amanda find themselves in danger.


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