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Feature book: The Princess and the Rogue

17 February 2021

The Princess and the Rogue by Kate Bateman

Subgenre: historical romance
Release date: 29 Dec 2020
Publisher: St Martin’s Paperbacks
Format: ebook and print
Length: 334 pages
RRP: $7.83 (ebook); $17.50 (print)

It takes a lot of effort to destroy the family tiaras and other jewel sets and hide them, but Russian Princess Anya has to do it to escape France.

Anya and her servant friend escape to London and set up a new life. But her spurned suitor is on their trail. When she reappears, she is Anna Brown and is companion to a Dowager Duchess, because quite frankly she is not prepared for anything else. Anya is still upset from the death of her brother and she also wants to escape the attentions of those who may know her.

She also has friends in the local brothel, but she is teaching the girls to read, not working as one of the girls. Lord Mowbray comes in and wants to hire her for the night as she is interesting, and he thinks to his taste. Anya refuses then disappears. For a while their paths do not cross, but then he has to save her from being kidnapped by thugs and takes her back to the gambling den, his very lucrative business with his friends. Sebastian is surprised to find that she, the woman he has been desiring, is the devoted companion of the Dowager Duchess.

Sebastian, Lord Mowbray, is the last of his trio of friends to find his love. He is cynical about love and an off handed quip will come back to haunt him. As these men work for Bow Street, the trio investigate the death of a foreign national, who just happens to be Russian. As he hides Anya in his home, he is able to use her to find out and translate Russian for him. Together they solve the mystery of the spy among the ranks.

I have loved this series and I think this story was probably the best one. It took the cynical Sebastian and the haughty Anya and makes an interesting tussle with Anya trying to hide her real identity and slipping all the time, and Sebastian, the man who doesn’t think he will ever marry.

Anya’s description of the different suspicions and ‘rules’ in Russia are entertaining and Sebastian is taken with her and her ‘rules’ and sometimes this is a giveaway as to her identity. But you can certainly feel the connection between this couple and it comes through on the pages.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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