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Guest blogger: Alissa Callen

14 February 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope wherever you may be you are able to spend time (real or virtual) with those who are special to you.

On a day dedicated to celebrating all things romance it is fitting that my new release, Snowy Mountains Daughter, contains a love story. This book is the first in my new series set in a tiny book town called Bundilla, located on the western side of the Snowy Mountains. The plot focuses on Clancy Parker, a peony flower farmer, and Heath MacBride, a street artist. Both have had feelings for each other since childhood but complex circumstances have prevented them from being together. Life now offers them a second chance, if they have the courage to take it.

As well as following their journey, Snowy Mountains Daughter also explores the dynamics of a family in which secrets have become so ingrained they have become the truth. As in all my books the landscape isn’t again content to stay in the background and it becomes a character in itself. Even before my family bought a farm in the Snowy Mountains, it was a favourite place of mine and it has been a joy to write as if I were there riding in the high country.

Much like how our kelpie sneaks inside to wake up my teenagers, my real life has again slipped into my book. After finding a missing branch of our family tree and discovering a thread of dementia, I became interested in learning more. The University of Tasmania runs free courses through their Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre and before I knew it dementia was front and centre in my plot.

I hope you enjoy Clancy and Heath’s happily-ever-after as well as your first visit to Bundilla. Rowan, my cattleman who moonlights as a stonemason, will be the next local to have his story told and his book will be out this time next year.

Until then, take care and happy reading,
Alissa xx

You can find Alissa here: Website | Facebook | BookBub | Pinterest

Snowy Mountains Daughter

The road home isn’t for the faint-hearted…

Peony flower farmer Clancy Parker was born and bred in the Australian high country. Small-town Bundilla is the only place she will ever truly belong, even if staying means remaining alone. The man she’d loved is long gone and single men are as rare as a summer snowfall.

As soon as he could, street artist Heath MacBride escaped his complicated family and traded mountain peaks for city concrete. Now a commission to paint a mural on Bundilla’s water tower brings him home. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been away, the animosity of his cattleman father hasn’t waned. As soon as the water tower is painted, he will be gone.

But between steadfast Clancy, who’d once been his muse, a free-spirited kelpie who becomes his shadow and a corrosive family secret, his best laid plans disintegrate. When life again backs him into a corner, will he have no choice but to leave or will he and Clancy have the second chance they’d each thought would forever remain out of reach?

Snowy Mountains Daughter is available here.

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