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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Feb 2021

1 February 2021

It’s almost the most romantic day of the year, and we’re celebrating with a collection of romantic suspense stories themed around Valentine’s Day. The second half of the month sees exciting new releases featuring a billionaire werewolf, the baddest of bad boys and a beastly hero. Don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released most weeks!

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Here’s what’s coming up in February …

2 February

Perfect Duet by Aliyah Burke (My Bloody Valentine). SWAT officer Xahara’s vacation quickly goes south when she’s taken captive, and forced to work with her kidnapper to stay alive. Jager is deep undercover, and taking Xahara hostage is the only way he can see to keep her safe. Their relationship quickly heats up, but who will be left standing when the smoke clears?

Love’s Curse by Ellen Mint (My Bloody Valentine). Emma is spending Valentine’s night at the museum, studying the dead Egyptian princess in her exhibition, but her plans are turned upside down when Tarek arrives. When their hands touch, they awaken a millennia-old curse and a heartbroken princess. Can Emma and Tarek defy history?

9 February

An Invitation by Jasmine Hill (My Bloody Valentine). Bree Lewis has no time for love, but when she receives a mysterious invitation to a Valentine’s Day gala at an exclusive mansion, she’s intrigued enough to accept. The introduction of Vincent immediately brightens her evening, but things aren’t all they seem at the mansion, and guests are beginning to disappear. Can Bree and Vincent make it out alive?

Shooting Valentine by Rebecca Fairfax (My Bloody Valentine). Brazilian TV heart-throb Rafael is in London to audition for a new role, desperate to shake off his usual role of charming seducer. Ex-police officer Keeley is less than impressed with her new role—protection officer for Rafael. When someone takes a shot at Rafael minutes after Keeley’s protection duty begins, the two are forced on the run where they find out they have far more in common than they’d first thought.

16 February

Howl by January Bain (Sin City Wolf #1). Billionaire werewolf Cristaldo has everything he could wish for; the only thing missing is his Forever Mate. Things seem to be looking up when musician Everly walks into his casino. The problem is—she doesn’t think she’s his mate, and Cristaldo’s sworn enemy Rocco is sure Everly is destined for him.

Hack by Deana Birch (The Covington Heights Crew #2). Hacker Marigold thinks she’s hit the jackpot when ‘Goldie Locks’ drops into her IMs—she has no idea she’s messing with the Number Two of the Covington Heights Crew. A hate-filled rivalry sparks between her and Rafael, but their mutual attraction is undeniable. Can naïve Marigold survive in Covington Heights?

23 February

The Au Pair and the Beast by Aurora Russell. Veronica’s new au pair position isn’t anything she expected—she certainly hadn’t imagined a Gothic castle in the heart of Maine—but the little boy she’s to look after is a joy, and his father intrigues her. Faced with recent tragedy, Alain wants nothing to do with his son’s au pair, but the two become increasingly entangled. Can the two overcome the rumours surrounding the family, or is Alain truly a beast?

Wicked Ways by Angela Addams (Wicked Distractions #2). Adam and Missy are enemies turned lovers in this deliciously sexy story. Adam is forced to return home to help save his family ranch from the debt collectors, and Sheriff Missy might be able to help. Can the two overcome their animosity to bring down the criminals threatening more than Adam’s family?

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