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Feature book: Montana

20 January 2021

Montana by Fiona McArthur

Series: Lyrebird Lake #1
Subgenre: medical romance
Release date: 30 Oct 2020
Publisher: Fiona McArthur
Format: ebook and print
Length: 213 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $24.20 (print)

What a way to start a story. There is nothing like an unexpected early birth to get the reader involved in the story! This is how Montana Browne finds herself, on the side of a mountain giving birth to her baby. The scene is serene and fortunately there are no complications. However, Montana’s thoughts are in turmoil. She is very sad that her husband Duncan cannot be there having passed away months previously.

To Montana’s rescue is Dr Andy Buchanan. He is the brother of her friend Misty. Misty had alerted Andy that Montana needed medical help and he finds her, with baby Dawn on the side of the mountain.

Andy is able to convince Montana to move temporarily to Lyrebird Lake, so that she can get into her new routine with Dawn and to help her through missing her husband. Andy slowly pulls Montana into the daily life of Lyrebird Lake. He is more than happy that she wants to set up a women’s clinic and a midwifery section in the hospital. It means she may stay.

Both Andy and Montana are dealing with the death of a spouse: Andy his wife, and Montana her husband. This weaves a complexity into their relationship as each thinks another relationship is too soon, especially when you loved your spouse, but the feelings they have for each other also bloom and the underlying tone is wondering if it is too soon.

This story is a very gentle and sweet story, and it was such a pleasure to read. There are many threads to this story but the main one is about finding love after tragedy and to me what is considered the appropriate amount of time. Many argue about the length of time that is appropriate, some say five years, some say never, some say a year, but it is really how those two people feel, and this is reflected by Montana and Andy.

I loved that Montana and Andy were such caring and gentle people, it really brought a sense of serenity to the story, as well as the slow blooming of their love for each other. I am looking forward to more in this series.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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