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Guest blogger: Eliza Renton

10 January 2021

I wrestled for weeks wondering what to share to entice, excite and enthral you into being interested in my first novel Faithful (Sentinel Security Book 1). The muse was silent; my brain preoccupied with COVID.

Christmas, shining its light into a darkened world, and 2021 peeking at me from around the corner finally lured me from my chagrin, showed me what matters most. Family, friends, and memories of places I have seen and hope to visit again. Baking and gardening have glued me to my home during the Victorian lockdown, but I would be lying if I told you they were close to my heart. My son will tell you I am a poor but optimistic cook and my garden is a testament to trial and error. I am continuingly seeking help on both fronts.

My laptop, technology, and social media (heaven forbid) kept me sane, kept me writing and kept me in touch. Google Earth and Zoom were faithful Jedi who beamed light into my darkened world.

I live in Melbourne, but I am a Londoner, born and bred. No matter the miles, my brothers are snug in my heart. My father and one brother were soldiers, men who fought for their country and came home with scars that would never heal. They offered graceful inspiration for my hero, Luke, an army medic fighting his demons.

Faithful is set in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Kate, my heroine, is a midwife working with the local birthing attendants, who soon finds herself in the middle of a terrorist threat.

My first visit to the countries in the region gave me a new way of seeing my life that was transformative. Burkina was where I first learned to play Djembe, a drum indigenous to West African countries. One translation of the word Djembe means ‘together in peace’.

I had to laugh when I realised, Faithful was my version of War and Peace, not that I kid myself the story soars to literary heights.

I wish all ARRA members health, happiness and the very best for 2021 and beyond.

You find Eliza here: Website | Facebook


Guard your heart—trust no one

Until his last mission, British military medic Luke McLaren kept his oath, ‘Do No Harm’. When he fails to save his best friend, Mike, Luke’s life implodes.

Mike’s sister, midwife Kate Gibson, doesn’t believe in happy endings, not since her father deserted her when she was a child, and her brother was killed on a mission.

One night of make-me-forget sex and Luke knows Kate is the only woman he will ever want but can never have. Life goes on. He joins Sentinel Security, and Kate focuses on her clinical work in Africa.

When Kate asks for Luke’s help to expose a bomb threat, he agrees. He has no choice thanks to his deathbed promise to protect her. With their hotter than hell connection reignited, Luke and Kate must face their demons and the enemy if they are to survive and claim a future together.

You can find Faithful (Sentinel Security Book 1) on here.


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    Great post and happy new year!

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