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Publisher pitch: Escape Publishing, Jan 2021

7 January 2021

Escape logo_200x150A big Happy New Year from everyone at Escape! The general mood seems to be fingers crossed for 2021 to hold better things than 2020. In amongst the uncertainty, there’s one thing we can guarantee for sure: there are some fabulous new romances to look forward to this year.

As always, we’d love to know what you think. Check in with us in all the usual places! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on our website.

Happy reading!

The Escape Team

Here’s what we have coming out in January …

Releasing 4 January

The Widow of Red Lion Row by Viveka Portman (historical romance). In the slums of London, she’ll do almost anything to survive … Margaret Forsythe never expected to become a condom maker. But she is a widow, and due to her late husband’s careless will, she has lost everything. She’s sworn to never again be beholden to a man, but when her situation becomes dire, she has little choice but to throw herself on the mercy of the dangerously handsome brothel owner, Charles Grimsby. Torn between morality and poverty, Margaret begins to manufacture condoms (or ‘johnny caps’) for Charles’s prostitutes. Will this new enterprise be her salvation, or her ultimate ruin? A sweeping regency romance based on the fascinating true history of the development of condoms.


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