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Feature book: Jamaican Vibrations

23 December 2020

Jamaican Vibrations by Afton Locke

Subgenre: erotic romance
Release date: 22 Sep 2018
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
Length: 135 pages
RRP: $5.55 (ebook)

It is hot and sweaty in Jamaica. In this story, the sex is also hot and sweaty.

KC Dobbs is in a band. He is also stone broke but only wants to make a success of his band Caribbean Climax. His woman is Latasha Gordon who arrived to visit her friend Kyra (from Jamaican Temptation) and stayed. KC is reluctant to share his woman but is happy to have the benefits of the money to buy a new guitar and van for his group. His reluctance changes when he has the best mind-blowing sex he has ever had.

Jonathan Lance is the CEO of Three Mountain Coffee. His twin brother, Justin, was the main character in Jamaican Temptation and is married to Kyra. The company is in trouble and he needs to find a way to improve its prospects, but he has been distracted by Latasha. He wants her, even if he has to pay to have her.

Latasha is at first reluctant to participate in the new arrangement but when they discuss and agree to how the relationship will work, she becomes more than a willing participant. She has two connections with Jonathan, as his sexual partner and she is also doing some work for his company.

The threesome has some what they call ‘mind-blowing sex’ together and they are keen to keep up the arrangement. Then other events happen, and things change, and jealously rears its ugly head. Latasha is made to question her desires, her love for KC and her attraction to Jonathan. And her desire for their trio to continue.

The ending has some surprises, but all good stories should. While this has the hot sex, it does have a storyline and the reader can see the real people and the decision they need to make. It also involves heartache and how to repair that broken heart.

This story is a mfm, and it is hot.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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